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Food or/and Components Index


Almonds and Cholesterol

Almonds as Antioxidant

Anti-Cancer Diet

Anti-oxidants and Eye Health

Antioxidant Buckwheat

Apple Juice and Cholesterol

Barley Lowers Cholesterol

Beans, Nuts, Cereals Anti-cancer

Berry Consumption--Favorable Effects

Boiling Veggies Lowers Anticancer Potential

Bologna Consumption Is Cancer Risk

Breast Milk and Immunity

Broccoli and Immunity

Broccoli Sprouts Lower Cancer Risk

Broccoli Phytochemicals Lower Cancer Risk

Caffeine Reduces Insulin Sensitivity

Carbohydrates and Atheroclerosis

Carrots Reduce Stomach Cancer Risk

Chemicals in Foods that Fight Cancer

Chocolate Calms Cough

Chocolate and Heart Disease

Cilantro Kills Bacteria

Cilantro Chelates Lead, Mercury, Aluminum

Cinnamon Lowers Cholesterol

Cinnamon and Diabetes

Coconut Oil

Colostrum -- Review of its Actions

Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer Inhibition

Curry Fights Alzheimer's

Decaf Coffee Increased Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Food Shifts Body Clock

Foods Leading to Cortisol Elevation and Health Changes

Eating Fruits, Vegetables Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Eat Less Live Longer

Eating Veggies Fights Cancer

Garlic Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Genetic Links Between Diet and Lifespan 

Ginger Study shows Antioxidant Effects

Ginger and Pepper Fight Cancer

Grapes fight Cancer

Grilled Meats Link to Diabetes, Kidney Disease

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Chocolate

Honey is Antioxidant

Honey Type That's Dangerous

Childhood IQ relates to Adulthood preference for Vegetarianism

Junk Food Promotes Youth Violence and Aggression

Junkfood -- Negative Impact on Health Costs

Hyperactivity and Junk Food in Children

Lab Animals Fed Organic Food Do Best

Linoleic Acid May Reduce Cancer Risk

Linolenic Acid Anti-cancer

Low Glycemic Index Retards Aging

Low Fat Vegetarian Diet Lowers Cholesterol Best

Pomegranate Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk       

Pomegranate and Cancer

Red Meat and Breast Cancer Connection

Seaweed and Nutritional Values

Soy-Bean Crisis--Scientists versus the soy industry

Soy Controversy--More Questions than Answers

Soy Consumption Promotes Cancer Risk

Soy Bean Toxicity

Sunflower Seed Oil Gargling and Cancer

Tea Drinking May Stimulate Immune System

Turmeric With Vegetables May Reduce Cancer Risk

Vegetarian Diet and Health

Vinegar Lowers Blood Sugar

Vitamin C--Cholesterol and Heart Disease

White Bread Consumption and Diabetes



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