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Blood test accurately detects early ovarian cancer

Bone Density Research

Brain Controls External Devices

Brain Training and Dementia

Breast Feeding and Infant Viability

Breast Feeding and Breast Cancer Risk

Childhood Abuse Retards Brain Development

Emotional States and Physiological Processes

Exercise Benefits in Rodents

Fat Metabolism and Exercise Vary with Fat

Genetics not significant to developing Parkinson's disease

Gene Therapy and Alzheimer's

Genetically Modified Foods Raises Concerns -- Research

Genetic Links to Chronic Fatigue

Genetic Changes from Lifestyle and Diet Changes

Glaxo Vaccine Anti-viral Anti-cancer

Heart Function and Cognitive Function Inter-related

Inflammation Triggers Heart Attacks more than Cholesterol

Lactobacilli for Treatment of Vaginal Disorders

Light Therapy Matching Circadium Rhythm Beneficial

Mad Cow Disease -- A New Perspective

Microwave Mutations

Microwave Toxicity

Microwaving Water Danger

Iron Cookware and Mineral Migration

Modern Medicine High Iatrogenic Mortality Rates--JAMA 1999

Nalgene and Health Risks

Pain-free Dental Extractions with Yoga

Phenol-containing Products Pose Health Risk

Plant Hormones as Basis of New Anti-cancer Drugs

Reversing cognitive decline (treating Alzheimer's)

SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder

Teeth and Disease Correlations

Vaccination Risks




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