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Cooking and Nutrition

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Alkaline and Acid-Forming Foods

Almonds as Antioxidant*

Almonds and Cholesterol*

Apple Juice and Cholesterol*


Barley Lowers Cholesterol*

Beans, Nuts, Cereals Anti-cancer*

Berry Consumption--Favorable Effects*

Broccoli and Immunity*

Broccoli Sprouts Lower Cancer Risk*

Canola Oil--Fact and Fiction

Carrots and Stomach Cancer*

Cilantro Kills Bacteria*

Coconut Oil*

Cooking Ayurvedicly--Some Considerations


Eating Guidelines

Effects of Cooking Methods

Boiling Reduces Anticancer Effects

Enhancing Digestion

Fasting Guidelines

Foods to be Taken Regularly

Food and Food Components Research

Gelatin and Kellogg's Products


Healing with Honey


Incompatible Food Combinations

Ingredient Substitutions

Iron Cookware and Mineral Migration

Mealtime Prayers

Microwave and Cooking

Microwave Effects ARE Conclusions

Milk -- Some Ayurvedic Considerations


Preserving Nutrients Pointers

Spices and other Food Items in Research

Taking Vitamin C

Why Eat Vegetarian