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Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic consultations are available by appointment only--in person , by e-mail, and by telephone. The client's interest is served best when one visits the practitioner in person. We do not give medical advice for medical conditions. The reasons for this policy are several: Ayurveda is not a legal medical protocol in the US (see our Contract / Agreement for a disclaimer on this point); generally there is more than one cause for a given symptom or disease; trying to diagnose and treat from afar is problematic. We feel that the best analytical tool is the pulse (see article: Pulse Diagnosis and Why to Have a Pulse Assessment), because it's the best means of assessing physiology. Physiology leads structural changes.

On the Agreement we'd like to emphasize that our service is about health promotion and not disease management. We feel that this is more than mincing words as we do not treat disease but do try to promote health, directly. The distinction is an important legal-medical one, we feel. Licensed medical doctors are permitted to diagnose and treat your disease/symptoms. We feel that this is accomplished by directly altering bio-chemistry through their drugs. Our target is the doshas, which themselves regulate the bio-chemistry. If we can modify the functioning of the doshas by appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle then the physiology can result in proper bio-chemistry.

In advance of the consultation we ask that you print out the Contract / Agreement and Personal Health History forms and complete them as instructed. Bring these with you to the consultation. It is strongly urged that the prospective client read our Introduction to Ayurveda (pdf) article before the consultation, as well. We urge you to avoid taking food or stimulants within 2 hours of your consultation as this affects the pulse reading. For women less makeup is better but feel comfortable about your self in this regard. Bring medical records you would have us read and a listing of medications/supplements would also be helpful. If you want to record your session please feel free to do so and be sure to bring the appropriate recording materials with you. We are not responsible for failure of such equipment.

The typical in-person initial consultation starts with the taking of the pulse and proceeds with an explanation of one's physiological constitution and present physiological state (balance or imbalance). Following this the client shares concerns, objectives, and other info important to the Ayurvedic consultation. Generally, we feel the client should be told how Ayurveda sees cause and effect and how this understanding relates to the client's imbalance. An initial consultation is comprehensive and includes: Ayurvedic pulse assessment of prakriti, vikriti, sub-doshas, tissues, and organs; Ayurvedic assessment of face and tongue; and sometimes other bodily features. There are many tools for helping to re-establish order / balance: diet, lifestyle, herbal food supplements, panchakarma, gems, meditation, and so on to name a few. The client should guide the practitioner towards the means that one is most inclined. This consultation goes into the balancing options available, such as: herbal food supplements, panchakarma suggestions, five sense therapy, and Vedic techniques for emotional and spiritual healing--such as the eight limbs of Yoga, etc. Fee is $100.. for 60 minutes.

Follow-up sessions are scheduled at the convenience of both parties. Fee is $100.. for 60 minutes per client.

Finally, we ask the client to take a moment or two to complete an Action Plan that cements the goals and means of the Ayurvedic consultation.

Reviewing the Total Healthcare Treatment Spectrum:  A colleague has prepared a table and a descriptive article on how treatment modalities may be viewed. You are encouraged to review these to aid your hunt for an appropriate health modality.

Reviewing the Ayurvedic Treatment Spectrum





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