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Index of Articles on Ayurvedic Theory


Ama--A Reconsideration

Authority--Definition and Significance

Cikitsa--Concept of Ayurvedic Treatment as Quoted from Bhava Prakasha

Classical Texts --Source of Ayurvedic Theory

Concordance -- Where to Find Words/Ideas in the Classical Ayurvedic Literature

Dinacarya -- Daily Routine

Dosha -- Concept of Physiology

Karma -- Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect

Mahabhutas (5 Elements) -- Notion of Substance

Methodology of Science & Ayurveda

Prakriti / Prakruti -- Concept of Constitution

Srotas / Srotamsi -- Concept of Channel and Flow

Tridosha Theory Overview



Words of Wisdom



Site Map (Table of Contents of Entire Ayurveda Website)

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