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Use this site for your informational needs regarding all matters Ayurvedic--products, purveyors, research, events, and more. Our mission is to help bring about your spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical well-being with Ayurvedic holistic medicine, featuring: diet, lifestyle, Ayurvedic herbs, panchakarma & Yoga asana and meditation guidance.  We serve Central Florida including Orlando.

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  Lord Dhanvantari gave the knowledge of Ayurveda to Sushruta, the first Ayurvedic surgeon. Traditionally in his four hands are: a leech, a vessel of immortality-gaining nectar, a conch shell, and a sphere of energy. Here the fourth hand contains an unknown item, perhaps the famous haritaki fruit. These items represent important Ayurvedic medicines. These herbs, etc. help us carry out our mission to bring wholistic healing to all. Each symbolizes a different approach to treatment, cleansing, rejuvenation, spiritual etc. Ayurvedic nutrition and life-style are their primary expressions, however.


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