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Selected Readings


Classical texts:  Caraka Samhita                                 Sharngadhara Samhita              Kashyapa Samhita

                           Sushruta Samhita                               Madhava Nidanam                   Bhela Samhita

                           Vagbhatta Samhita                             Bhava Prakasha


Modern Authors / Commentators on Ayurveda


Chopra:              Creating Health                                              Perfect Health

                           Return of the Rishi                                         Unconditional Life

                           Quantum Healing                                           Ageless Body Timeless Mind


Lad:                    The Science of Self Healing                The Yoga of Herbs                     Textbook of Ayurveda--Fundamental Principles

                            Secrets of the Pulse                          The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies


Frawley:             Ayurvedic Healing                  Ayurveda And The Mind: the Healing of Consciousness


Sharma:              Freedom from Disease


Lonsdorf:           A Woman's Best Medicine


Svoboda:           Prakruti                                                           Life, Health, and Longevity

                         Hidden Secrets                                                Light on Life (Vedic Astrology)

                          Aghora I                                                         Aghora II / Kundalini


Sharma:            Realms of Ayurveda


Kasture:           Concept of Ayurveda for Health and Longevity


Douillard:         Body, Mind and Sport



Shrimad Bhagavad Gita        The Upanishads      The Brahma Sutras       The Vedanta Sutras of Badarayana

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:  Bhagavad Gita and Commentary Chs. 1-6           The Science of Being


Paramahansa Yogananda  Bhagavad Gita Translation and Commentary (2 Vol set)


Alexander: Higher Stages of Development               Self Recovery: Treating Addictions using TM and MAV

Wallace:     The Physiology of Consciousness      The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment



Lad: Ayurvedic Cooking for Self Healing

Morningstar: The Ayurvedic Cookbook                                                                                                               


Quality Control Literature


Current Good Manufacturing Practices


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