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Environmental Toxins Research Index


Alzheimer's in America: The Aluminum - Phosphate Fertilizer Connection

17 Substances Added to Cancer Agents List

Barium Poisoning Study

Brake Fern and Environmental Toxins

Breast Milk Contaminated

Breast Milk Contaminated--More

California's Prop 65 -- Listing of Known Environmental Toxins (.pdf file)

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors-More

Cell Phone Linked to DNA Damage

Cell Phone Use Linked to Cancer Risk

Cell Phone Use Linked to Tumor Formation

Environment and Tumors

Fish and Dioxins

Fluoride and Hip Fracture Risk

Fluoride Poisoning

Hair Dyes and Cancer Link

Lead in Keys Dangerous

Pesticides Increase Health Risks

Pesticides Could Raise Risk of Parkinson's

Plants reduce Environmental Toxicity

Second-Hand Smoke and Diabetes

Teflon Coated Cookware and Health

Teflon Coating May be Harmful

Tuna and Mercury



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