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The Ayurvedist Herbal Database

This product is a fully searchable Access database on, mainly, the Materia Medica of Ayurveda. It includes metals, minerals, plants, and foods. There is about 850 separate entries for the Pharmacopoeia and about half that number of formulae in the Formulary. There are about 50 western herbs represented and about 50 food items.  To view both click on this URL. The views are for the main menu and then the separate screens for each. As the public domain has incomplete data on all the items in the Database one should know that many fields have no data in them at all. Inasmuch as the Database is nearly fully editable, the user can add one's own data as they become known to one. From time to time the compiler finds new resources for missing data and these are available at no charge as updates to the Database. These new data will be made available from this website. As there is considerable incongruity about the facts of the many Ayurvedic drugs and so on, this Database has chosen to acknowledge the specific contributors for a given item of the Database. This fact also enables the student to search the source material directly, knowing that the item of search is to be found in the references cited. For an explanation of how to use the Database click on this URL. Please note that you will have to download and install on your PC the transliteration font in order to read this file. The readme file has been attached as well. The resources utilized may be viewed also. A listing of the individual entries of the Database is viewable, too. The reader will be interested to learn that most of the material of these sources are represented by this DATABASE, although, for clarity not all data from every resource have been utilized. The student interested should not regard this program as suitable for diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is for educational purposes.  $150. incl. S&H (US only) To view a listing in Sanskrit of the herbs of the database click here.




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