Ayurvedist Herbal Database

Copyright Michael S. Dick


README.txt dated 12/21/02


This program has been tested for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems - Windows 98, NT, and 2000.  The program runs reliably on Windows 98 and NT systems, including Windows XP.  On some  Windows 2000 systems, the combo box control on the Search form and the data grid control on the Table View form do not correctly display the results.  The user can still browse all records in the database.


It has not been tested for use with any other operating system, including Unix, Linux, Mac, or OS/2.


To install from CD, put the CD in the CD drive and open Explorer. Open The Ayurvedist folder and click or double click on setup.exe.  Follow the instructions for installation.


To install from hard disk, put the CD into drive and copy to location of your choice. Open The Ayurvedist folder. Click on setup.exe and follow instructions for installation. This procedure is mostly automatic.


The font for this program has been included in the auto-install part of this program. Windows ME (and sometimes other programs) has shown a tendency to ignore the font install instruction. For this reason the font has been included on the disk and in The Ayurvedist folder and may be manually installed by going to:


Control Panel/Settings/Font/File/Install New Font. Drive: (CD = D?) or the file location for The Ayurvedist.


Note that the program self-installs in the Program Files folder and that this is the location for the executable to run the database. Also note that the database files for the individual herbs etc. (pharmacopoeia) and the compounds (formulary) are located here. These are accessed through the program only.  Editing your files through the program is possible but note that you must back up these data files if you make changes to them.