Important Highlights of Benefits of Jalandhar Bandha for Tooth Extraction

1. It is a purely Alternative Science
2. There is no need of Prick Injections.
3. We save the patient from side effects of allopathic drugs.
4. We Prevents the patient from HIV, Jundic etc.
5. We can extract the tooth with Dibetic, H.B.P. , L.B.P or with Heart disease.
6. We can extract for teeth speedily easily.
7. There is nothing a Post Operative Problem like Bleeding, Pain Edema etc.
8. We save the money & time of people
9. We serve on the spot at the Rural area's patients.
10. It is a science of Yoga & Ayurveda.
11. There is no need of antibiotic or Analgesic drugs after treatment.
12. Who want to learn can be easy to him.
13. Author Extract more than 20,000 teeth by this method maximum 21 in one sitting Dr. Makwana extracted teeth in Dental Camp.
The Historical Context in Yoga
An early extant text of Hatha Yoga is the Hatha Yoga Pradiksa written by Svat marama. Later important texts include the Shiva Samhita and the Gherandha Samhita.
The Yoga - Sutra of Patanjali, the most famous of all Yoga texts was written over a thousand years before the Hatha - Yoga Prodipika.

Here the Chin is brought down to the notch at the top of the sternum. This regulates pranic flow to the brain, lungs, and heart. It is performed at the end of inhalation and during retention. This pushes pranavayu downward toward the chest.

Before practice "Jalandhar Bandh" , Please ready to know & it meant achieving a significant degree of success with the Yamas and Niyamas as well as Asana. These prepare the body and mind to manage the increased vibratory energy that comes with heightened Prana. Ayurveda recognizes three bodily humors (doshas) called Vata, Pitta and Kapha (Wind, Bile and Phlegm) The pain (Vedna) is decreased by increases of "VATA" Dosha.
"Jalandhar Bandha" controlled the prana and so when we extract the tooth there is " no pain" because of controlled "VATA"
Rishi Treat the Roga of "UTAMANG" called above sternum - "Clavicle bone" diseases that means Head, Neck, Nose, Teeth , Sharira , Nasa , Tongue , Lips, Eye, Ear etc. Palate lips and therefore we also can use the "Jalandhar Bandha" for extract the Tooth. This is the method give many successes in about 60% of tooth can extract this Theory without help of any anaesthetic drugs. This is the successful traditional indian therapy for tooth extraction.