Fluoride Poisoning

 N Z J Public Health 1997 Apr 21:2 187-90


A review of recent scientific literature reveals a consistent pattern of evidence--hip fractures, skeletal fluorosis, the effect of fluoride on bone structure, fluoride levels in bones and osteosarcomas--pointing to the existence of causal mechanisms by which fluoride damages bones. In addition, there is evidence,   click link above for article...

"Fluorine was substituted for chlorine in Lindane, to make it a far more toxic substance." (Plummer, W.J. and Wall, L.H. Science, Vol. 127, 1958)

"Fluorine is substituted for chlorine in DDT to produce more effective and more toxic insecticides." (Reimschneider, R. Suddent. Apoth. Ztg. 1947)

"Fluorine in the atmosphere increases the sensitivity of the thyroid gland to damaging effects of atmospheric sulfur dioxide." (Gabovich, R.D. et. al., Chemical Abstracts, p. 9051) In other words, fluoride has a synergistic poisoning effect with sulfur dioxide, a component of smog.

"Sodium silicofluoride spray on oranges remains in the peel, and so can cause severe toxicity..." (Union of So. Africa, Dept Agr. Forestry Sci. Bull. No. 236, 1943) Note: Marmalade is made from citrus peel.

"1080, or Sodium Fluoroacetate, is described in a federal training manual as a 'biological high-explosive.' " (Los Angeles Times, December 6, 1970)

Author unknown material below..

Sodium fluoroacetate (also known as FAC, RATBANE 1080, COMPOUND 1080, FRATOL, FURATOL, YASOKNOCK, SODIUM MONOFLUOROACETATE, and SODIUM FLUOACETIC ACID) is listed in a hazardous waste book as being 500 times more toxic to rats than was regular sodium fluoride. This is because it's an "organic metabolite." 1080 was used to kill rodents as early as 1944, but was eventually banned for use in buildings due to dogs dying from eating poisoned rats. In 1952, according to Circular No. 140 of the UCLA College of Agriculture, it was reported that 1080 worked so rapidly that it was impossible to save experimentally poisoned animals, even with first aid and under the best of laboratory conditions. Scientists had yet to find an antidote for 1080 at that time. Only our nerve warfare laboratories have the full story.

QUESTION: If fluoridation of our water supplies was originally stated to be just for the "developing teeth of children under 14," then why were U.S. military bases among the first to fluoridate their water supplies? Why would anybody want Rambo to be STUPID, DOCILE, and SUBSERVIENT? (And why did Admiral Forrestal "commit suicide" by jumping out a window with his hands tied behind his back and a sheet knotted around his neck, not long after he'd adamantly opposed the fluoridation of his military bases, among other things?)

Incidentally, fluoride reactions resemble Attention Deficit Disorder in a certain percentage of the population, and especially in hyperactive children. The simple test of this is to get the person under question off of ALL sources of fluoride (fluoridated water, toothpaste, soda pop bottled with fluoridated water, canned soup, etc.) and see if their condition improves over a period of 3-4 weeks. Use distilled water, because most simple charcoal water filters will not remove fluorides. To remove possible variables, also test the child for negative reactions to sugar and sugar-substitutes.

It's a tragedy that children are given the habit-forming drug Ritalin to counter the effects of a "disease" that might only be due to their adverse reactions to the drug fluoride, and/or to sugar. Following the money, this tragedy is good business, and the "sickness industry" is a multi-multi-billion-dollar business.

Note the following fluoride symptoms as referenced in "Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica," Vol IX, p.333. These symptoms--by volunteers who took varying quantities of fluorides--were listed one hundred years ago, in 1887!


--Great loss of memory, forgets almost everything.
--Good memory in morning, forgetfulness every evening.
--Forgetfulness in his daily employment of dates.
--On making notes, mistakes right for left.
--Mental weakness.
--Mental excitability.
--Feels indifference towards those he loves best.
--Aversion (intense dislike) to his own family, bordering on insanity.
--Gay disposition, everything is satisfactory.
--Excessive hilarity; great buoyancy of mind.
--Greatly depressed in mind.
--Exceedingly anxious, causing sweat; greater in morning than evening.
--Sensation as if danger menaced him, but without fear.
--Felt certain that something dreadful would happen, with dullness in head.
--Fear of apoplexy (stroke).
--Irritable, disagreeing mood.
--Moodiness in evening, greater than morning.
--Very ill humored.
--Discontent and excessive ill humor followed by indifference and forgetfulness, and finally by perfect contentment and uncommonly gay disposition of mind.
--Congestion of blood mostly to forehead.
--Feeling in brain as if on the verge of being struck with apoplexy. (A stroke)
--Vertigo with sickness of stomach.
--A kind of sinking weakness, has to sit down.
--Feeling as if in an earthquake.
--Sensation of weakness, like numbness in head, same in hands.
--Sensation of numbness in forehead.
--Congestion of blood in forehead.
--Heaviness above eyes, with nausea.
--Severe pressing of both temples.
--Compressing pain in temples.
--Slight pain in right temple, followed by left.
--Headache in skull, behind ears.
--Headache accompanied by congestion of blood to head, sensation of numbness.
--Headache every morning.
--Sensation of weakness, like numbness in head.
--Numbness in head and hands.
--Dull, heavy headache.
--Congestive headache.
--Dullness & pressure in back of head.
--Dullness in back of head.
--Pressure on both sides, back of head.
--Headache in back of head, with fullness in head.
--Headache from neck to forehead; dull feeling in head.
--Atrophy of brain.

Is it a coincidence that the above-listed fluoride symptoms sound almost exactly like the TYPICAL EVERYDAY ANECDOTAL PATIENT ILLNESS COMPLAINTS which today's expensive TV commercials, pharmacies, physicians and psychiatrists are so eager to "cure" with their endless supply of profitable new drugs, many of which contain fluoride? This is like a snake swallowing his own tail.

The bottom line is to follow the money. Look at the high standard of living of those who are promoting and distributing the current crop of pharmaceuticals, versus the lower living standards and drug-education level
and gullibility of the ignorant general public who are becoming convinced that pharmaceuticals in general are a NUTRIENT. Public sickness and ignorance is good business, in some circles.


THE LIE: August 1, 1979: A letter from the Secretary of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Dental Association stated, "In a community with a fluoridated water supply, the dental manpower required to maintain a good standard of dental health in a community is always halved."

THE TRUTH: The 1976 edition of the C.B.S. News Almanac published figures showing the number of dentists per 100,000 population in 30 "Representative American Cities." Of these 30 cities, 16 were artificially fluoridated. A simple comparison of the fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated cities shows that there were an average of 76.7 dentists per 100,000 population in the fluoridated cities, vs. 59.2 dentists per 100,000 in the non-fluoridated cities. Furthermore, data from the 1971 American Dental Directory, the 1971 U.S. Statistical Abstracts and the 1973 World Almanac reveals that the three American cities which have been fluoridated the longest (Grand Rapids, Newburgh, and Evanston) averaged 121 dentists per 100,000 population, or over twice the national average, after approximately 25 years on fluoridated water. (Data compiled by Phillip R.N. Sutton,  D.D.Sc., Melbourne, Australia, 1979.)