Environment Blamed for Majority of Tumors
BY Rick Weiss
Washington Post, July 13, 2000


Here's an article that I've been referring to for some time. Note that the conclusions of the study show that genes are not high predictors of health outcomes. Incidence of tumors varies but note that for some your diet and lifestyle are twice as important as your hereditary baggage.--Mike

The vast majority of cancers are caused not by inherited defects in people's genes, as many believe in this age of genetics, but by environmental and behavioral factors such as chemical pollutants and unhealthy living, according to the largest cancer study ever to enter the "nature vs. nurture'' debate. "Environmental factors are more important than gene factors, and that's important to remember, especially since everyone thinks that everything is solved now that we have the human genome in our computers,''  For the rest  of the article click link above...