Tools of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator

The purpose of this listing is to identify and acquaint the educator and client with the wide range of resources available and potentially beneficial to the client. While not all-inclusive this listing is intended to help the educator and client identify resources uniquely suited to the client’s budget, philosophy, and needs, etc. Since it is impossible to be an expert in all things we are inclined to urge the educator to refer out to experts whenever appropriate. For a listing of names and contact information for some of the listed categories on our website click here

1. Diet
2. Lifestyle / Exercise
3. Food Supplements
4. Support Groups
5. Meditation
6. Asana
7. Pranayama
8. Mudra
9. Bandhana
10. Yama
11. Niyama
12. Vedic Vibrational Therapy
13. Yajña Yagya
14. Gems
15. Mantras
16. Education
    a. Spiritual literature:
        1. Upanishads – with commentary
        2. Bhagavad Gita -- with or without commentary
        3. Brahma Sutras, etc.
        4. Bible
        5. Koran
     b Ayurvedic literature:
        1. Classical Texts
        2. Commentary in form of modern writings
      c. Modern Works of Spiritual / Mental / Emotional Themes: (Audio / Video Productions:)
        1. Spiritual Themes for health
        2. Topical Health Themes – Chronic Fatigue, Obesity, Addiction, etc.
        3. Related Health Topics e.g.; Invincible Athletics
17. Energetic Modalities:
    a. Polarity
    b. Reiki
    c. Healing Hands & Medical Intuitives
    d. Magnetism
    e. Essential Oils
    f. Tanmatra Therapy / 5 Sense Therapy
        1. Color Therapy – colored gels or acetates
        2. Aroma Therapy – essential oils, etc.
        3. Taste Therapy – spices, etc.
        4. Touch Therapy – massage, marma
        5. Sound Therapy –
            a. Primordial Sound: Rig Veda, Gandharva Veda
            b. Sanskrit Study
            c. Listening Training – Tomatis / Madaule
    g. Prayer
    h. Visualization

18. Complementary Modalities for Referral:
    a. ¨yurvedic Physician
    b. Allopathic Medicine
    c. Acupuncture / TCM
    d. Osteopathy
    e. Chiropractic (esp. Network)
    f. Homeopathy
    g. Naturopathy
    h. Cranial Sacral
    i. Massage Therapy in its various forms
    j. Medical Herbalists
    k. Nutritionists
    l. Specialists of Non-Traditional Nature:
        1. Hyperbaric Chambers
        2. Infrared Saunas
        3. Low-Energy Vibrational Therapy
19. Miscellaneous:
    a. Vocational Counseling
    b. Palmists
    c. Jyotishi’s
    d. Native American Health Practices ( Sweat Lodges)
    e. Psychiatric / Psychological Counseling
    f. Ministers / Priests / Rabbi’s, etc.
    g. Sthapatyaveda / Vastu (Feng Shui) Experts
    h. Spas
    i. Mineral Baths
    j. Vacations

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