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Meditation Benefits and Research Articles


Summary Article of Published Research

Review of Recent Data on TM benefits

TM Reduces Symptoms of ADHD

Meditation Improves Attention and Self-regulation

Brain Research New InsightsConsciousness-based Defense                                                                                                                       

Hypertension Management

Maharishi's Chronic Disease Program

Meditation Benefits--A Listing of Research

Meditation Brain Activity Quantified

Comparing Meditations

Buddhist Monks Learn TM

Meditation Gives Brain a Charge

Meditation Reduces Stroke and Atherosclerosis

Meditation Produces Changes in First Minute

Meditation Causes Thickening of Brain Parts

Meta-analysis Reveals Power of Meditation

Quesbec Health-Care Costs Lowered with Meditation

Meditation May Switch Off Stress Genes

The Enlightened Sentencing Program

Transcending Brain Mapping

TM Improves Brain Function in University Students

TM Reduces Risk of Heart Failure

Yoga Under the Microscope

Yoga and Menopause Symptoms*

Youtube Videos

NY Times:VITAL SIGNS - Regimens: Meditation, for the Mind and the Heart

Meditation Reduces Heart Disease Deaths

From The Daily Heal--Meditation reduces risk of heart disease:

Meditation may help reduce the risk of a heart attack in people at high risk, scientists find.



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