Buddhist monks enjoy Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme
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Buddhist Monks Enjoy TM 
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24 January 2008

Reverend Koji Oshima, a Buddhist monk from Japan, has reported outstanding achievements from Sri Lanka and Thailand, where thousands of Buddhist monks have learned Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation <http://transcendental-meditation.globalgoodnews.com/> Programme. Reverend Oshima commenced his great work after responding to a call from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi <http://maharishi-programmes.globalgoodnews.com/achievements/index.html> , Founder of the Global Country of World Peace <http://www.globalcountry.org/> , requesting monks from Japan to bring Maharishi's knowledge to the Buddhist communities of Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Korea.

Shizuo Suzuki, National Director of the Global Country of World Peace in Japan, summarized Reverend Oshima's achievements with a beautiful commentary and slide show at the World Congress of Rajas and Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace.

In March 2003, Reverend Oshima journeyed to Sri Lanka, having used his few weeks of vacation in order to fulfil Maharishi's request. He was received by a local teacher of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme, and immediately started working tirelessly to introduce Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme in the nation's temples.

One of the first meetings was with a saint whom Maharishi had met years before on his visits to the country and who is now leader —Shankara— of one the three streams of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Maharishi had specifically advised Reverend Oshima that receiving the blessings of saints, senior monks, and elders of the temples would be the secret of success wherever he travelled. Wherever monks learned Transcendental Meditation, it was greatly appreciated. As one great elder commented, 'Transcendental Meditation is a wonderful meditation system', an opinion supported by a remarkable 94-year-old monk, the most venerable encountered by Dr Oshima.

Within two months, Reverend Oshima and local teachers of Transcendental Meditation had taught 500 monks from 30 temples. This figure subsequently rose to over 1000, representing approximately 3 per cent of the total population of monks in the nation, drawn from 8 per cent of its 600 temples. Applauding this news, Maharishi told them that the first step had been achieved. Within two years, Reverend Oshima and his colleagues had taught 1550 monks from 71 temples. Dr Suzuki observed that improvements in the Sri Lankan economy and reduction of crime had occurred since the project began.

On Maharishi's inspiration, Reverend Oshima travelled on to Thailand, where more than 1500 Buddhist monks have now learned the Transcendental Meditation Programme. The young Buddhist monks were thrilled by Maharishi's knowledge, and were particularly interested in the Unified Field   chart, illustrating how the Unified Field of Natural Law described by modern quantum physics is experienced directly as the field of pure consciousness, the Self, during Transcendental Meditation.

In recognition of these great achievements, Reverend Oshima was honoured with the degree of Doctor of World Peace Honoris Causa, the highest degree bestowed by Maharishi University of World Peace. The text of the diploma refers to the techniques that Lord Buddha taught to experience Nirvana, and recounts how, with the long lapse of time, these techniques were lost to the world, only now being restored through Reverend Oshima's programme of teaching Transcendental Meditation, which gives the experience of transcending to Buddhist monks. In accordance with Maharishi's wishes, the Diploma was presented by the Shankara, the most senior monk in Thailand.

Dr Suzuki noted that wherever Reverend Dr Oshima goes, monks are starting the technique at one temple after another. Maharishi had commented that it is the Sattva—purity—in Reverend Dr Oshima that is responsible for his success, which has so far resulted in 3100 Buddhist monks learning Transcendental Meditation in more than 100 temples in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Reverend Dr Oshima gave credit for the success of the project to the guidance and blessings of Maharishi, thanking him for the wonderful gifts of knowledge and enlightenment on behalf of all the Buddhist monks who have learned Transcendental Meditation. Eloquently expressing his deep respect and gratitude to Maharishi, Reverend Dr Oshima also gave special thanks to all those who have sponsored this programme and contributed to its success.

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