Prakriti -- Prakruti -- Body Typing -- Constitutional Typing

It's common to find body typing questionnaire's on Ayurvedic websites. Having studied Ayurveda for many years and having reviewed many such questionnaire's or inventories I have concluded that it is difficult to assess those features of the body which are truly permanent or enduring genetic expressions. It is relatively easy to assess the imbalance of an individual, however. Early writings, which popularized Ayurveda in the West, emphasized the Prakriti aspect of things. Many recommendations ensue from this perspective, but unfortunately, most everybody has some imbalance. The approach to treatment is modified by the nature of the imbalance, taking into account the body type of the person, and nearly a dozen other factors which further bear on every one alike. There has arisen in the minds of readers of these popularizations a confusion about the proper diet and so on--now that we are talking more about illness or imbalance. It is not our purpose in this site to help people self-diagnose and self-treat, as this is a very complex arena and those needing immediate help may be dissuaded from seeking professional counsel when it's really necessary to do so. Our purpose is to make accessible some knowledge of how to do some simple things when determined by an expert to be the proper course of treatment. It is our purpose to help advance the understanding of Ayurvedic theory and its nuanced approach to diagnosis and treatment. Our purpose is to try to do a better job of explaining principles and theory of an ancient but powerful life science. We encourage our readers to use our Resource / Referral database to locate personal help nearby. Or call us or e-mail us to find out if we feel we can help via these means.


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