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Pulse Seminar Berkeley, Ca. 2004

A weekend workshop was presented to about 20 students of Ayurveda in the Berkeley, Ca. area in the summer of 2004. There are about 5 hours of recording. The voice recordings of that presentation are available on CD. There are two formats: DATA and AUDIO. One should note that the DATA format will play on a computer (PC) and can be heard through the system speakers. The AUDIO format works on both the PC and on CD AUDIO players. Since the amount of data varies for the two formats the AUDIO format requires several (5) CD's. The content of the seminar is primarily the material of prakriti and vikriti (constitution and imbalance, resp.). One should know that this is slightly edited and there are brief periods of silence when students are practicing.

CD DATA FORMAT   $35. incl. S&H (US only)



CD AUDIO FORMAT 5 CD's   $45. incl. S&H (US only)


Excerpt from Day 1  Play


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