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The follow-up consultation is designed to evaluate the changes in physiology (functioning of one's body) which were started with the recommendations of the first Ayurvedic evaluation.  It is the important next step in a program of prevention, maintenance, and rejuvenation.


In the first consultation we discussed with you the idea that our nature expresses different values

or qualities that change in an on-going cyclic manner.  These are cycles of change and influence in our body-mind which we should acknowledge and honor--we go to bed and arise at certain favorable times on a regular basis and so on.  In this context we suggested guidelines and a formula for healthful living--practice self-referral by asking yourself how you feel.  We also suggested some themes--such as diet, exercise, and other modalities--which were balancing to your physiology at the time of your initial evaluation. 


We discussed our plan to improve physiology first by directing efforts to clean up or detoxify (get

rid of ama) and to improve/balance digestion.  Efforts to improve physiology in specific areas are predicated upon the foundation of routine and good digestion as outlined in your program.  We indicated in the monograph: "Introduction to Ayurveda” that this program has four inter-related aspects:


·        remove the cause of imbalance from your routine, behavior, diet, etc.,

·        purify, cleanse, detoxify the physiology by implementing dietary food combining tips, taking cleansing herbs, and by doing other procedures including pańcakarma, etc.

·        balance the imbalances with diet, etc.,

·        rejuvenate the physiology through the implementation of rasayanas.


We suggested also that you implement the recommendations in a gradual and comfortable manner. 

The progress you have made is largely attributed to the cleansing and improved digestion from the lifestyle changes and dietary habits you implemented. (Herbal recommendations for tissues or other specific areas of physiology are not as effective when ama is present because it interferes with digestion or other aspects of physiology. Herbs can lead only to partial or temporary relief if diet and lifestyle are improper.)


The important next steps in our program include a review of new balancing requirements and more knowledge to continue to educate you about more details of your nature.  This means that we will continue to elaborate on the specifics of cause and effect so that  we appreciate that we are what we eat, hear, see, touch, smell, AND what we think and believe.  Toward this end we will be giving you more educational materials.  We will cover topics such as: hygiene, natural urges, cooking for families, food as medicine, the value of awareness in healing and health, more about the meaning of self referral, and the root cause of all disease described as "mistake of the intellect."  We hope to guide you closer to that status of perfect health and happiness with knowledge which gives you more of the experience of bliss in everything you do--reminding us that life in perfect health is a way of living, a journey, not a destination.   It is attained the moment we have the experience of happiness and don't know why.  See Follow-up Questionnaire.


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