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(For Client to Complete, Keep, and Reference)


Overview of a Typical Approach to Balance:

Balancing Vata: Regular lifestyle, adequate water and oil; rest, heat

Balancing Pitta: Diet and avoidance of mid-day sun; organics; toxin avoidance

Balancing Kapha: Exercise; dietary restraint

¨ma / Toxicity: Digestives; dietary restraint




What was the most important knowledge I gained from today’s consultation?





What knowledge do I need to acquire next?  How and when do I want to acquire this? 





What do I plan to avoid or stop NOW?





What can I begin to eliminate in the next week?                                  Month?





What can I reasonably expect to be able to begin as a new direction right now?





What can I begin to change in the next few weeks?




People seeking help do best with the help of a support group—who will you ask to support, to help you with your goals and needs you’ve set for yourself in this program?





Please refer to the information handouts issued with this consultation or for further explanation please e-mail        rev. 3-20-17