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The Concept of Guna (Quality) in Ayurveda

This work is mainly a compilation of statements by others on the subject of the qualities of substance perceived through the senses. It is in a three-ring-binder format and has about 70 pages. The relationship of matter and quality is discussed and then follows the body of the work. It has a format for discussing the respective qualities: etymology, definitions, associated elements, taste association, food examples, primary action, secondary action, functional kalas (periods), therapeutic value, normal physiological expression, and patho-physiological expression. As Ayurveda studies more than the gurvadi qualities these (officially, 41 in all) the other categories are discussed in the text as well--10 qualities pertaining to processing, 6 qualities of the Self, 5 sense data. The three qualities of mind are listed and described and a listing of the qualities of Vaisheshika and Nyaya are displayed. This text is a revision of an earlier version and has more clinically oriented information. Price is $30. incl. S&H (US only) 

Now available, with purchase of the Handbook, a fully searchable (but not printable) .pdf file of the entire work for $15. incl S&H.


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