Medicated Sweet Yogurt 

Source: Dr. Partap CHauhan

Indian name: Rasala

Ayurvedic Properties

Taste: Amla (Sour), Sweet (Madhur) tikta (bitter)

Quality: Heavy (Guru), Moist (Snigdha)

Potency: Ushna (warm)

Post-digestive effect: Amla (Sour)

Medicinal Properties
This recipe is rejuvenating and aphrodisiac in nature. It is a very good appetizer that increases the digestive fire. It is a good tonic for general debility.

Dosha Analysis:
The recipe pacifies vata dosha and increases pitta and kapha. However we have added spices for pacifying kapha dosha. Persons having pitta and kapha constitution should use it sparingly.




  1. Tie the yogurt in a clean muslin cloth for three to four hours, so that extra water can drain out.

  2. Transfer the yogurt into a sieve and rub it with clean hands to make it softer and thicker.

  3. Then add sugar, honey and other ingredients.