Recipe for Roasted Sweet Sesame Seeds

Indian name: Tilkutt (roasted sweet sesame seeds)

Properties of sesame seeds:Taste: Madhura, kashaya and tikta (sweet, astringent, and bitter)
Quality: Guru and Snigdha (heavy and unctuous) 
Potency: warm (hot) 
Post-digestive effect: Madhura (sweet)

Medicinal properties of roasted sweet sesame seeds: It is warm in nature and therefore great for winters. It is good for skin and hair. It gives strength and helps in polyurea. It increases memory and intelligence. It is also helpful in increasing digestive fire. It is good aphrodisiac and provides good physique.

Dosa Analysis the Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds increase pitta and kapha. It pacifies vata dosa. But this recipe roasted sweet sesame seeds balances all the three dosas. 

Raw sesame seeds 100 grams
Powdered raw sugar 100 grams

Take a pan with a heavy base and warm it on the stove. Put in sesame seeds and roast on low fire till they become a little brown. Be careful not to burn these seeds. Take it off the fire and allow it to cool. Now, grind these seeds into a coarse powder. Add powdered raw sugar and mix well. Store in a tight container. It is good snack in winters! 

Comment: If you are not interested in adding raw sugar, you may skip this also. But in that case, its taste will pungent and increase pitta in the body. So pitta persons can add fresh unsalted butter in powdered roasted sesame seeds and eat. It will pacify pitta nature. 10 grams of fresh butter may be added in two-table spoon of powdered roasted sesame seeds.