Rice Pudding--Kheer
 (Source: Vd. Shah)

Properties of basmati rice:
Taste: Sweet 
Quality: Light and unctuous
Potency: Cold
Post-Digestive Effect: Sweet

Properties of milk:
Taste: Sweet
Quality: Heavy, unctuous
Potency: Cold
Post-digestive effect: Sweet

Medicinal Properties of Kheer:
Kheer has a palatable taste and is Bhrigan in nature, which means that it strengthens the body tissues. Kheer is an aphrodisiac and a rejuvenator. Kheer is not easily digestible therefore people with low digestive fire should go for smaller helpings.

Dosha Analysis:
Kheer subsides Vata dosha. It also pacifies Pitta, if consumed in moderate quantities. However, it increases kapha dosha. The Kapha persons should use low fat milk for preparing it and replace sugar by honey.

1-Cup Water
1/2-Cup Basmati Rice
4 Cups Full- Cream Milk (Low Fat Milk for Kapha persons) 
1 Teaspoonful Raisins (Optional)
2 Teaspoonful Cashews and Pistachios (Optional)
10 to 12 fibers of saffron (optional)
3 green cardamoms 
1/4cup of Sugar (Honey for Kapha persons) 
(Quantity of sugar may be adjusted accordingly)

Clean the rice and soak it in water for 2 hours
Soak the saffron in one teaspoon of milk for two hours
Grind the cardamoms one teaspoon of sugar (It is easily ground with sugar and it enhances its flavor and aroma).
Grate the Cashews and Pistachios

Boil the milk in a pan and add rice. Let it simmer for half an hour or until the mixture becomes thick in consistency. Keep stirring at regular intervals. Add sugar/honey and stir it well. Let it simmer for five more minutes. Stir continuously. It becomes thicker.
Take the pan off the fire and let it cool. The thickness of Kheer increases on cooling hence it is suggested that the viscosity should be a little less than the required during the cooking.
Garnish it with saffron, raisins, cashews and pistachios.