Yoga Criteria:


        Range-of-Motion exercises are designed to reduce stiffness and help keep your joints flexible. They involve moving each joint as far as it can comfortably be moved in all directions.

        Muscle Strengthening exercises help maintain or increase your muscle strength and tone which allows you to function with less muscle fatigue. These exercises are specifically designed to strengthen muscles without aggravating the joints.

        Endurance exercises are designed to increase overall fitness. When performed regularly, endurance exercises can strengthen your heart, make your lungs more efficient, and allow you to perform tasks (like walking up a flight of stairs) without becoming exhausted. Swimming, walking, and bicycling are among the most common endurance exercises recommended for people with RA.

        Warm Up movements are those which intend to bring increased blood flow to related tissues and to increase metabolic rate (increase warmth) which promotes relaxation and suppleness.

        Relaxation movements are those which merely intend to help the body relax tight muscle groups.

        Breathing Meditation is that aspect of yoga that directs attention to the breath while performing some posture.