Deepak Chopra


  1) State of mind--calmness is important to longer life

  2) Exercise--especially if daily increases life span

   3) Fear--fear of aging is especially damaging

  4) Life purpose--dharma or job satisfaction  

 5) Mental activity--mortality is influenced by the presence of or absence of mental activity  

 6) Perception of time--is time "running out" 

 7) Hygiene--toxin ingestion or elimination 

 8) Relationships--if good means happiness (There is only one relationship in Ayurveda--relationship with Self)

 9) Sleep--get 6-8 hours each night 

10) Stress--that which interferes with the spontaneous flow of evolution and leads to disease 

11) Laughter--experiencing genuine laughter increases life span 

12) Experience of joy without reason--the most important of all