Aghora II p. 104 “In Treta Yuga trataka is performed. Trataka is a form of meditation in which one stares fixedly at an object. If done properly trataka can open the third eye. In Treta Yuga people use trataka to obtain prana from the sun; they eat with their eyes. They communicate with glances and make romance with significant looks. This ability exists together with telepathy, which is only possible after the third eye is opened.”


Aghora II p. 47 “Modern science has itself proved that each different color of light has a different effect on the body and mind, by stimulating the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamus, which then influence the rest of the organism. One color may cause anger, another joy, and the third may improve concentration. When you get close to the fire and embraced it you offer yourself to it, and it enters you.”


The technique:

Place ghee candle in a place where one can sit comfortably while gazing at the lighted candle.  The lotus posture of yoga is the classical favorite for this technique. Remember sthirah sukham asanam (steady/stable comfortable posture). As with any meditation one should set aside a place and time that support the uninterrupted performance of trataka. Light the candle and say a mantra “AUM” three times, while hands are held with palms together at the heart cakra. Place hands on knees or legs of lap as comfortable. Easily allow the body to relax and the eyes to attend to the flame. Continue watching the flame for as many minutes as comfortable (10’-20’ are suggested). If the mind wanders, easily bring attention back to the flame. Upon conclusion say AUM 3 times. This form of meditation will relax mind and body so it is suggested that one return to activity in a gentle manner. Doing meditation regularly works best for the physiology and for the nervous system. Try doing it daily once or twice as inclined and schedule permits.


Making a ghee, ghritam, sarpi, ajyam candle:


Cotton wicks are available in many Indian groceries but when not available find pure cotton and pull off a tuft about an inch in diameter. At one end spread the fiber into a round flat tuft (similar to a quarter) and at the other end twist or spin the fibers into a thread or wick-like shape. In a Pyrex baking bowel/dish of approximately 4” diameter place the cotton wick. Take fresh liquid clarified butter (ghee) and add to the bowel until 3/4ths full. Ghee remains liquid at temperatures above 800 or so. Your candle is ready for trataka.



Svoboda, Robert, BAMS, Aghora II, The Brotherhood of Life, ABQ, NM 1993

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