Surya Namaskara  (The Sun Salutation)



The "sun salute" is a complete Yogic -- Ayurvedic exercise that simultaneously integrates the whole physiology including mind, Today, and breath. It strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups, lubricates the joints, conditions the spine, and massages the internal organs. Blood flow and circulation is increased throughout the body. it is a cycle of 12 postures performed in a fluid sequence one right after another. Each motion should be synchronized with the breath. By moving smoothly into each pose, breathing fully and easily through the nostrils, holding a pose for 1 minimum of 3 seconds, each cycle takes about I minute.








1. Salutation position                          2. Raised arms position    Inhale                       3. Hand to foot position   Exhale                                   4. Equestrian position   Inhale

Normal, restful breathing






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5. Mountain position   Exhale                        6. Eight Limbs position No breathing, then                          7. Cobra position     Inhale                 8. Mountain position  Exhale








        9. Equestrian position   Inhale             10. Hand to foot position   Exhale                          11. Raised arms position  Inhale                          12. Salutation Position    Exhale          





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