Scientists now believe that the female physiology is inherently stronger than the male physiology. For example, in the early years of the astronaut development and training program researchers discovered that a woman has higher tolerance to pain. More recent research has shown that women 40-60 years of age are not subject to heart problems as much as their male counterparts. One reason for this difference is understood from the perspective of Ayurveda. It says women have a monthly opportunity to cleanse, to purify the body in the way of a menstrual cycle. It is important for the health of the reproductive system--and physiology as a whole--to protect and nourish this cleansing opportunity. A strategy for prevention, as well as for getting back to balance, includes several important details:

·        establish and maintain balance of the governing principles of physiology (the doshas)

·        establish and maintain balanced digestion at all costs—see our articles on eating, digestion, etc.

·        maintain a regular routine (but which excludes heavy exercise during the period of bleeding)

·        get adequate rest every day but especially during the days of menstrual flow—consider using sick days on the first day of menses as prevention and treatment of menstrual dysfunction

·        eat a nourishing diet which is freshly cooked and light on digestion--with adequate fluid intake

·        maintain proper bed times

·        restrict influences from within and from the environment to those which honor the delicacy of the physiology during this period


A technique to promote and to enhance this function is a supplemental program to assist in the removal of biological wastes and other toxins, which serve to degrade healthy functioning, a monthly cleansing program.





Take 1-2 tbs. of aloe vera gel with a pinch of black pepper on an empty stomach 2 or 3 times per day for the entire week preceding the start of the menstrual flow. Observe suggestions above regarding diet, behavior, and routine. 



ALTERNATIVE #2 Purgative (superior)


Take 1-2 tbsp. castor oil 4 days before the anticipated start of menstrual flow. This can be done at night before bed or in the early morning hours 4 AM to 5 AM. The evening program may cause one to arise during the night to evacuate the bowels. The morning program, while a bit inconvenient, promotes uninterrupted sleep and takes advantage of the body’s natural tendency to evacuate in the morning with swifter action--usually about 5 hours.  In this program the evening meal prior to taking the castor oil should be light, warm, and slightly unctuous. Following the completion of purgative effect--cessation of evacuation--some light and liquid diet is recommended. Avoid eating or drinking (sipping a tiny amount of water or juice is acceptable) until the laxative effect has worn off.  Activity for this day should be light. Adding extra ghee to one’s diet in the few days before taking the castor oil can enhance this program. The ghee serves to moisten, soften, and lubricate the tissues and to gather wastes, etc. Take a hot bath or shower before the laxative. This moves the wastes into the GI tract. The purgative flushed them away.


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