Nota Bene: The following listing has been made from observations of consultations between Vaidya and client. As such each is illustrative of a way of clinical thinking. This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to aid in diagnosis or treatment of disease.


Abdominal Pain – Colic, GB pain, ulcers, adhesions, etc.:

Licorice infusion

Also Vidhari



Zinc 50 mg,  zinc picolate, Saw palmetto tincture 1t BID, Beta carotene 25,000 IU, Echinacea 1t BID or TID, Yellow Dock 1t BID

Hormonally based – make sure liver function is optimal


Adhesions- pain:

Wild Yam - Vidhari


Age Spots:

Neem oil on them daily.  Shakti Prana 2x daily on an empty stomach.



Jatamansi and dashamoola

Do daily abhyanga – generally with sesame oil



Brihat chintamani

Abhrak Bhasma

Moti bhasma (?)


Alcohol (protect liver from it):
Do oil massage first.  Take 1 T – 2 T tikta gritha ½ hour before alcohol (soma rasa).  India drinks it and goes into ecstasy.  Ghee carries the quality of the medicine.  Arogyavardhini.



Equal parts: Kutki, shankhapushpi, aloe vera, brahmi, and tikta

¼ BID PC with warm water



Allergic Reaction with Swelling:

Punarnava 500, YM 300, Pippali 200, Tikta 300, Bansolachan 100

½ t with honey


Allergy Mix:

Sitopaladi 100, Punarnava 100, Mahasudarshan 100

YM optional


Altitude Sickness

Shatavari 500, Ginger 300, Kama Dudha 100 (or 200)


Alzheimer’s Disease

Brahmi Ghee 1t TID.  Rub brahmi oil to the soles of the feet and the scalp.  Prevents arteriosclerotic changes within the cerebral artery.  Brahmi is a cerebral vasodialator and nervine tonic.


Ama in the rasa, rakta and mamsa dhatus

General body ache due to ama in the dhatus.  Muscle pains/ aches/ spasms/ stiffness. Tub bath.

K predominant V disorders.  Daytime bath for V people.



Goldenseal 300, Turmeric 300, Osha, 300, Echinacea 300

00 caps TID


Anxiety & Tachycardia:

Passion flower 1/3 t, Arjun 1/3 t


Asthma/ Eczema

(Prakruti: V2P3K2 & Vikruti V2P4K3 with Pà K)

Sitopaladi 400, Sudarshan 300, YM 300, Abhrak Bhasma 200, Turmeric 200, Pippali 100, Saraswati 200



Sitopaladi 5, Gulwel Satva 3, Abhrak Bhasma 1, Shringha Bhasma 2, Pippali – ½ t BID

Or Sitopaladi 5, Punarnava 4, Abhrak Bhasma 200, Shringha Bhasma 200, Pippali 100 – ½ t BID


Or (Anastasia)

Laxmi Villas 3 tablets, Swas Kuthar 4 tablets, Ras Sindoor 2 g, Sitopaladi 3, Abhrak 1 1g spoon,

Kama 2 1g spoons, Shringha Bhasma 1, Pippali 2 small spoons, Punarnava 2

And Sitopaladi 5, Punarnava 4, Pippali ½, Shringha Bhasma ¼ - take ¼ t TID


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – also Taret’s Syndrome:
Vacha 4, Brahmi 3, Nutmeg, Gingko, Ashwagandha 3, Kama Dudha1, Valerian 2, Shankha Bhasma 1


Aura – to strengthen

Kundalini Tea – according to dosha


Back (upper – pain)

Equal parts DM and Musta.  Drink as a tea?

KG 200 mg – generally BID with water

DM basti – 1pt DM tea with ½ cup sesame oil 3x a week and massage locally with MNO


Bad breath:

Triphala ½ t with warm water ½ hour an hour before bed at night

Chew roasted cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds after each meal


Bladder discomfort (frequent urination and burning)

Musta 4, Fennel 4, Gokshura 4, Punarnava 4 – 1t in 1 cup water

Or Musta 5, Punarnava 4, Sandalwood1, and Coriander 3 – with water


Bladder infection/ Painful urination with bleeding/ post-sex

Mahasudarshan 3t, Mutral 1t, Moti Bhasma 1/8 t, Kama Dudha ½ t, Manjista 2 t

Take ¼ t TID

Take 1/2t ushira (vetiver) in 1 cup milk

Drink cranberry juice

Douche: 2T licorice, 2 T shatavari in 1 pint water

Don’t use chandra prabha because it has vaccha.


Bladder infection:

Shatavari 500, Guduchi 300, Punarnava 300, Kamadudha 100

¼ t BID PC with coriander tea

-Generally includes Mutral which is 3 minerals Yavakhaar (potassium bicarbonate), Sorak (potassium nitrate), and Alum (aluminous sulfate)

Astringent, anti-septic, diuretic.  Recommended for excessive urine and burning urine


Bleeding Gums:

Gargle with: Turmeric 4, Bilva 5, pinch of Alum


Bone Marrow Basti:

Do daily abhyanga.  First do DM tea basti.  Wait 2 hours.  ½ cup bone marrow after lunch 2x a week.  Use for chronic wasting diseases, i.e. poliomylitis, osteomylitis.  Use for neuro-muscular disorders.  MS- stops further demylination.  Neurological disorders, i.e. stroke paralysis, Parkinson’s.  Osteoperosis, degenerative arthritis.  Can even eats as a soup.  Do for 6 mos.


Bone Pain:

Vidhari, YM



For general mild “food poisoning”: - fast and drink CCF tea


Breasts (acute, sore, PMS)

Shatavari 700, Ashoka 300, YM 500 – ¼ t BID

Triphala PM

Castor oil massage – from b/n 2 breasts down and around – away from nipple, down to lymph nodes

Stop caffeine, chocolate, and stimulate

Increase B6, Ca, Mg, and Evening Primrose Oil



Sitopaladi 500, Punarnava 300, Trikatu 100, Mahasudarshan 300

¼ t BID PC with honey



Shilajit 200, Punarnava 500, Saraswati 200, Jatamansi 200, Passion Flower 200, Hawthorne Berry 200

Deep Love, Triphala, neem oil to the soles of the feet

Triphala/ Grhita Madhu

Triphala ½ t, Ghee 1 t, and honey 1 t in PM

1 drip castor oil in each eye

Triphala eye wash in AM


Cataracts (for cats)

One size 0 capsule per day – Shankapushpi 1, Gulwel Satva 1, Guduchi 1

Triphala eyewash – use eye dropper


Cataracts(for dogs)

1 capsule 2 x a day:

Triphala tea drops in eyes.  Use 1-3 drops


(Cervical) Dysplasia:
Shatavari ghee – melted and allowed to soak in an organic natural tampon

Insert for 3 hours several times per week in middle of MD


Chemotherapy Antidote(high Pitta)

Shatavari 500, Kama Dudha 200, Abhrak Bhasma 200, Shankha Bhasma 200, Gulwel Satva 200 – ¼ t TID

Triphala 5 and Kutki 5 – ½ t HS

Bhringaraj Oil for hair


Chicken Pox:

Mahasudarshan 300, Neem 200, Shatavari 500

Ripe banana with cardamon

Pitta pacifying diet

Nothing externally



Kutki 200, Shankhapushpi 500, Guduchi 300 – ¼ BID pc with aloe vera juice


Chlorine Antidote:

Tulsi –has ozone. Put 2 pts in bath. Krishna loves tulsi. Say “Krishna, Krishna, Krishna….”


Cholesterol (high)

Use Gugulipid –extracts standardized to contain 25 mg of guggulsterone per tablet given 3 times per day.  Effective treatment for elevated cholesterol levels, elevated triglycerides levels, or both.

Use TG.  Equal parts Triphala, Trikatu, and Guggulu.  Take ½ t with hot water 2-3 x a day PC.



Shatavari 500, Kama dudha 200, Bilva 300, Moti Bhasma

¼ t TID pc

or Shatavari 500, Kama Dudha 200, Kutaj 200, Gulwel Satva 200, Bilvadi 300, Musta 300, Arrowroot 300, and Arjun 200

Also Sat Isabgol, Shankha Vati, and Sperman forte



Saraswati 300, Brahmi 300, Jatamansi 300, Bhringraj 200 – ¼ t TID with honey sub-lingually



Soak feet in baking soda.  Papad khar – make a 3% solution. Put dot and bandage.  Chemical burn.  In 4-5 days, the corn will come out.



Sitopaladi 500, YM 300, Punarnava 300, Kantakari 200, Vasaka 300

¼ t BID pc

Also 5 drops of MNO in 1 cup of licorice tea – sip every 15 minutes



For minor cuts: aloe vera gel with turmeric applied locally, or tikta ghee


Cyst - reduction

Punarnava 5, Red sandalwood 5, Kutki 3.  Take ¼ t.  Mix with hot water.

Make a past and apply locally.



Musta 5, Punarnava 4, Sandalwood 1, Coriander 3

Cold infusion



Neem 500, Turmeric 500, Tikta 500

Take 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of bitter gourd juice twice a day.

Chew 10-12 curry (curry neem) leaves on an empty stomach in the morning.

Soak 10-12 mango leaves in water overnight and drink the water in the morning. One can also dry the leaves and then grind them to make a powder.

Take 2 teaspoons of bitter gourd (karela) juice once a day. One can also increase its use as a cooked vegetable.

Mix equal parts of powdered turmeric, white pepper, and fenugreek. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day with skimmed milk.

Take a powdered mixture of 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry twice a day with lukewarm water


Diabetic Ulcer with Gangrene

Apply licorice ghee topically



Kutaja 5, Sanjivani 5, Ginger 1

1 t TID PC until diarrhea stops


Sanjivani 200, Kutaja 300

¼ t BID PC with 1 t ghee

or cooked apple, raspberry leaf tea

Diarrhea with a bacterial infection: Golden Seal 5 ml TID and lactobacillus TID



Tikta 3, Kama Dudha ¼ Brahmi 3, Jatamansi 3 – take ¼ t TID


Dog – malignant tumor

KG 2, Punarnava 4, Neem 3, Musta 3 – put in 00 caps.  2 caps once daily

Apply neem oil topically

Triphala ¼ t


Doggie Wormer

Vidanga 3, Fennel 3, Coriander 3, Shardunika 2

Put in capsules.  Take 1 capsule 2 x a day for 15 days



Boil 2 T licorice in 1 pint water.   Cool, strain, and douche.


Kutki 200, Manjista 300, Turmeric 200, and Neem 200 – ¼ t BID pc. 

Apply neem oil externally.  Do not eat salt, sugar or yogurt.  Stay off dairy, wheat (gluten).
Evening primrose oil in severe cases 4-5000 mg for adults.  Licorice compress to areas



Drink Punarava tea daily

PG 200 mg BID pc


Saraswati Churna 200, Brahmi 300, Jatamansi 200, Punarnava 300

1/ t TID PC

Esophagial Cancer
(with nausea and vomiting)
Gulwel Satva 400, Shankha Bhasma 200, Kama Dudha 200, Sat Isabgol 300 – ½ t BID pc with 1/3 cup water. 


Sat Isabgol



Rosewater ½ oz.

Pinch of camphor

Very few specks of alum

Makes netra bindu.  Doesn’t last.  Make it fresh.


Ashoka, Brahmi, KG, Guduchi, Shankhapushi, Shardunika, Shatavari, Tagar, Mahasudarshan


Fibrocystic breasts:

Castor oil massage away from nipple so to move lymph

Shatavari 700, Ashoak 300, and YM 500 – ¼ t BID

Eliminate caffeine, chocolate, and stimulants

Increase B-6, Ca, Mg, and Evening Primrose Oil


Fibroids (uterine)

Kutki 300, Shilajit 300, Chitrak 300, Lodhra 200 (or sub Manjista 300 & Musta 300)

Take ½ t bid or tid


Fissures / fistula

Apply castor oil to the anal orifice.


Flu (pre-flu)

1/3 t ginger

1/3 t cinnamon

lemon grass

steep in 1 cup hot water



Sitopaladi 5, Mahasudarshan 5, Abhrak Bhasma 2, Goldenseal 3, Osha 3, and Tulsi 3 ½ t TID

Or Sitopaladi 5, Mahasudarshan 5, Abhrak Bhasma 1, and Tikta 3


Gall Bladder Pain

Kutki 3, Musta 3, Tikta 3, Tagar 3 – ½ t BID for 15 days


Growing Pains

Saraswati 5 & Musta 5 – take SOS


Garlic Oil

For Ears– otitismedea – ear ringing

1 t sesame oil.  Bring to boil with 1 clove chopped garlic.  Strain out the garlic.  At a usable temperature, put 3-5 drops in the ear.



Sanjivani 3, Vidanga 4, Kutaja 3, Bilva 2, Shatavari 5 – take ½ t bid pc

Sat Isabgol – 1t at bedtime



Use forskohlii. Relieves glaucoma pressure.  Desensitizes allergies

Tagar eye wash: 1 part tagar to 4 parts pure water.  Distill and collect the water. It should last 2 weeks.  Keep refrigerated.  Warm to room temp before applying.  Use 2-3 drops 2-3 x daily in the eyes.  Regulates intra-ocular pressure.  Eye dips have quick action. 

Internally, Punarnava and or Tagar.  Take ¼ t each  BID or TID. 

Will help, but action is much slower than eye wash.


Gums (bleeding)

Turmeric 4, Bilva 5, pinch of alum.  Gargle with this.


Hair Loss:

Apply warm bhringaraj oil or brahmi oil to the scalp regularly

Jatamansi 500 mg and Brahmi 500 mg, ½ t BID pc


Heart problem with edema:

Punarnava 500, Shringha Bhasma 100, Abhrak 100, Arjun 300, Hawthorne Berry 200,  YG 200


Heavy Metals:

Do PK for 7 days, DM basti, YM vaman, brahmi ghee nasya, shatavari rasayana,

Aloe vera gel 2 T TID, tikta gritha ½ t TID AC


Equal parts: Manjistha, Red Sandalwood, Punarnava, and Turmeric.  Make a paste with water Apply locally.



TG 200 mg BID pc

Local application of castor oil for Vata type, titka gritha for P type, and triphala ½ t with warm water ½ hour before bedtime.



Kutki 200, Guduchi 300, Shankhapushpi 400 – BID pc.

For all types, fresh sugarcane juice – 1 cup TID

½ cup fresh homemade yogurt with a pinch of baking soda BID and brahmi ghee nasya


Hepatitis C:

Shatavari 5, Shankhapushpi 3, Kama Dudha ¼ Titka 3, Kutki 3, Neem 3, Abhrak ¼

Aloe vera gel 2 T TID.




Shatavari 500, Gulwel Satva 200, Kamadudha 200, and Neem 300 – ¼ t BID pc.

Local application of tikta ghee

1 t titka ghee AC



A pinch of Mayur Chandrika Bhasma with ½ t honey.

Alternate nostril breathing with inner retention


High Blood pressure:

 Passion flower, KG 300, DM 400, Musta 300, Tagar 300, Guduchi 300, Kama dudha 200, Jatamansi 300, Abhrak bhasma 200, Hawthorne Berry 200

Or Hawthorne Berry, Passion Flower, Musta, and Punarnava


Hot flashes(mom)

Shatavari 5, Kama Dudha 2, Coriander 3, Rose 3, Skullcap 3

¼ t BID with meals






Hingwastak Churna ¼ t CID or TID pc. 
Pachak Vati 200 mg or Lasunadi Vati 200 BID pc

Fasting for 1 day with ginger, cumin, coriander tea



Herbs to support the system reduce infertility:
Ashwagandha (action = on M & F), Gokshura (M), Mugwort (M), Saffron (M), Solomon’s Seal (M & F =), Shatavari (F), Wild yam (M & F =)


Inflammatory conditions – Mamsa Gata Pitta

Herbal tea shower –(paishek) – use: Karanja, Tulsi, Adulsi (Vasaka), Nirgundi, DM

Use for bursitis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis



Ushira 5, Chandan 2, Rakta Chandan1, Manjishta 3, Bakuchi 3, Punarnava 2, Vidanga 2, Bala 2, Shatavari 2, Guduchi 5, Coriander Seed 3

Take 1 t as a tea



Kutki 200, Guduchi 300, Shakhapushpi 400 0 BID pc

Fresh sugar can juice – 1 cup TID

½ cup fresh homemade yogurt with a pinch of baking soda Bid and brahmi ghee nasya


Kaya Kulpa

Amalaki 1, Turmeric 1/8, Pippali 1/8, Jaggery ¼ (use sucanat), Ghee 1/5 – add later


Kidney Disorders – including kidney stones:

Punarnava 500, Gokshura 300, kamadudha 200, and Jatamansi 200 – BID pc

PG 200 or GG 200 – BID pc

CCF tea – 1 cup TID


Laryngitis, cough at night

YM 3, Brahmi 3, Rock Candy 2, Turmeric 2 – ¼ t 1 hour before sleep


Low libido:
Ashwagandha 500, Bala 500, Vidhari 300, Shilajit 300, Kapikachu – ¼ t BID or TID with milk

Bhrami ghee – massage pubic bone and glans penis

MGO – to massage prostate

Deep Love


Lupus, allergies, fatigue

Mahasudarshan 2, KG 3, Shatavari 3, Kama Dudha 3, Vidhari 4, Bala 3 – ½ t BID


Lung Cancer

Cold bitter herbs – Essiac Tea

Burdock Root (arctium lappa), Sheep’s Sorrel (rumex acetosella)

Slippery Elm (ulmus fulva), Turkey Rhubarb (rumex off. or rumex palmatum)


Melanoma (skin cancer)

Shatavari 500, Gulwel Satva 300, Kama Dudha 200, Neem 200, Vidhari 400 – ½ t BID pc

Triphala ½ t @ bedtime

Tikta Gritha 1t AM & PM
Shakti Prana 1t BID AC

Deep Love 10 drops TID

Take for 6 months


Memory – Schooling Formula

Gingko 300 , Gotu Kola 300, Brahmi 300, YM 300, Shankhapushpi 200, Vaccha 200,

Opal Basil (Tulsi) 100

Student formula: Brahmi 5, Shankhapushpi 2, Bhringaraj 2, Vacha 1, Jatamansi 3 (Gingko 3) –

 ¼ t BID AC


Memory improvement:

Sarawati Churna – ¼ t BID pc with uncooked honey

Brahmi ghee ¼ t BID pc

Jyotismati oil – 3 drops in a cup of warm milk – BID AC

Also take Ginkgo


Menopause / Dizziness

Shatavari 500, Gulwel Satva 300, Ginger 100, Brahmi 300, Saraswati 200, Kama Dudha 200


Migraine headaches:
Shatavari 500, Kama Dudha 200, YM 300, Shankha Bhasma 100

¼ t after breakfast

Feverfew taken regularly


Nail fungus:
Equal parts of Turmeric, Osha, and Golden Seal.  Make a paste and mix with neem oil.

Fungual infection: local application of ½ t aloe vera gel and ¼ t turmeric

Brittle Nails: Prawal panchamrit 200, and Shatavari 500 with goat’s mil BID pc.

The minerals Ca, Mg, and  Zn

Infected cuticles and nails: apply neem oil locally





In the AM – hot water with 1 t uncooked honey and lime juice. Has a scraping action.

Also take TG



Take sesame seeds in the AM

Oil basti ½ cup 2 times a week

Dashamoola guggulu 200 mg, BID PC with goat’s milk



Triphala 5 (for ama)

Nirgundi 3 (pain VP)
Musta 3 (pain VP)

Black pepper (K)
Tulsi 3 (vata)


Use Wild Yam or Vidhari for edometriosis, adhesion, gall bladder pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.



YG 200 mg for Vata

KG 200 mg for Pitta

Or PG 200 for Kapha

BID pc

For all doshas: Triphala ½ t with warm water and netra basti


As a broad spectrum antibiotic:
Vidanga 300, Trikatu 300, Chitrak 200, and Kutki 200 – BID pc

Triphala ½ t with warm water ½ hour before sleep


Use Atma Gupta


Periodontal disease:

Swish a mouthful of sesame oil or neem oil for w minutes and then massage the gums with sesame oil with the right index finger for 2 minutes.  Apply aloe vera with triphala powder to the gums and brush the teeth with catechu (?) and neem powder paste.


Period (to bring onset or make flow heavier if only spotting)

2 T honey

1/8 t black pepper.

Mix together and take TID AC for 3 days



Replace with an herbal mixture of:

Sitopaladi 500, Punarnava 300, Pippali 300, Pippali 200 and Abhrak Bhasma 100

¼ t with 1 t Chyavanprash TID or BID pc






Evening Primrose

Fennel – ok in last trimester

Cod liver oil

Flax seed oil


Pregnancy - Nausea

Shatavari 500, Gulwel Satva 200, Kama Dudha 200, Coriander 200, Sakhar 200

¼ t TID in warm water


All morning sickness:
Shatavari 5, Kama Dudha ½, Shankha Bhasma ½ - take ¼ t BID


Pregnancy  (bleeding at the end)

Gulwel Satva 2 t, Kama Dudha ¼ t, Arrow root 2 t – take ¼ t BID for 1 week


Praval Panchamrit

Sub: Shanka Bhasma

Praval Pisthi

Sub: Kama


Premature ejaculation:

Passion flower 1/3 Ashwagandha 1/3 – in hot cow’s milk HS


Prostate disorders:

Gokshura 200, Ashwagandha 500, Shilajit 200, Vidhari 400 - ¼ t BID

Careful local massage of prostate with  ? – castor oil?

Also use saw palmetto and zinc


Too many cells growing too fast. 500% as fast as normal. Check for directly linked to stress. Significant stress 3-4 months prior to outbreak

Poor digestion, poor agni, liver congestion. Use herbs that enhance digestion and liver function.

Sarsparilla – warms gut – for digestion. Ideal for bloating, gas.

Oregon Grape Root – bowel infected, liver effects. Affinity for dry, scaly skin.

Licorice – anti-inflammatory

KG 300, Shatavari 500, Manjista 300, Guduchi 300, Tikta 200, Kama Dudha 200, and Neem 300

¼ t TID


(Basal) Pulmonary congestion:

Diminished air

Karpunadi 300, Sitopaladi 400, Sudarshan 300, Bala 300, and Abhrak Bhasma 50


Radiation effects

Shatavari 5, Tikta 3, Neem 2, Punarnava 3, Ashwaganda 3 – ¼ BID


Also Miso Soup – South River Miso – aged 3 years

Simhanad Guggulu – 200 mg BID pc

Pachak vati 200 mg Bid pc

Drink 1 cup ginger tea with 2 t castor oil at bedtime



½ t of ghee with a pinch of black pepper orally.  Neem oil locally

Drink fresh cilantro juice 2 T TID



Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Vidhari, Licorice

Castor oil with ginger tea

Chaparral Yucca tincture 10 BID or TID



Shardunika 300, Vidanga 500, Kutki 300, Ajwain 300 – take ½ t TID for 1 month

Triphala in PM


TG 200 – ¼ t with warm water BID pc

DM tea basti

MNO massage

Bathe with 1/3 cup of ginger powder and 1/3 cup baking soda


Shatavari Ghee or other ghee:

1 oz water, 1 cup hand packed herb (i.e. shatavari)

Add herbs to water and boil until ¾ of the water is gone

1 qt remaining – very strong tea

Strain though fine cloth

Add equal amounts of ghee

Cook until all the water is gone

What remains is 1 pt of Shatavari ghee


Kama Dudha 2, Gulwel Satva 5, Neem 3, Titka 3

½ t TID pc with water


Sinus Problems:

Sitopaladi 500, Sudarshan 500, and Pippali 100 – ¼ t BID pc

Local application of vacha paste to the affected sinus area.

Kapha reducing diet

Or Talisa 500, YM 300, Sudarshan 300, Osha 2, Echinacea 2, Goldenseal 2, Punarnava 300 – ¼ t BID



Tagar 300, Chamomile 300, Musta 300, Valerain 200, Skullcap 200

Take ½ t 1 hour before sleep


Tagar  & Chamomile = parts to make 1 t


Gigko 4t, Slippery Elm 2, Gotu Kola 2, Jatamansi 3, Tagar 5

Make as a tea and take ½ t before sleep

Or Ahswagandha 500, Jatamansi 300, Tagar 300, and Skullcap 2000 – ¼ t – 1 hour before bed with warm water or hot milk or almond milk


Smoking Mix

Grind up with handfuls Chamomile and Rose Petals.  Use equal parts.  Add 2t of White Sandalwood powder.  Mix. 


Sore Throat – Laryngitis and Cough at Night:

YM 3, Brahmi 3, Rock Candy 2, Turmeric 2


Student Formula

Brahmi 5, Shankhapushpi 4, Jatamansi 3,Vaccha 1

1t with ½ t ghee and ½ t honey every am



1/3 each of coconut oil, neem oil, and castor oil.  Apply topically.


PG 200 BID pc


Throat Chakra

YM 300, Brahmi 300, Saraswati 300 - ½ t TID




Shankha bhasma, Praval bhasma (?), Moti bhasma



Warm vacha oil – 5 drops in each ear.

Warm sesame oil rubbed on the soles of the feet and scalp.

Drink DM tea


Toothache and Decay:

Place a pinch of edible camphor on the tooth.

Brush teeth with cardamom powder



Brahmi 7, Bhringaraj 7, Gotukola 5, YM 5, Shankhapushpi5, Sunthi4, Ashwagandha 5, Gingko 5


Triphala Tea Eyewashes

½ t triphala steeped in 1 cup boiled water.  Take off heat and cover.  Set for 20 minutes or longer.  Strain with cheesecloth or muslin until clear.  Use as an eyewash.  Refrigerate when not in use.  Lasts 3 days. Use in eyes at room temperature.


DM basti


Ulcer (stress)
Not enough mucous – KK.

Too much cortisol.  Decreases mucous, making one more susceptible to ulcers - acid.

Use Licorice and Meadow Sweet.





Urinary Tract – burning

Punarnava 3, Musta 3, Gokshura 3, Fennel 3

Make a tea.  Take 1 t in cup hot water – 3-4 x a day as needed



Gokshura 500m Punarnava 400, Musta 300, Coriander 400 - ½ t TID w/CCF tea


Douche with a cooled strained tea of 1 pint of water boiled with 2 T licorice to which is added 2 T of ghee and 1 T of aloe vera gel.

Local application of tikta gritha


Weight loss

KG 200, Punarnava 400, Kutki 200