Eye Washes:

chamomile, chrysanthemum, rose water, triphala tea, aloe vera gel, ghee, mung bean flour paste (Frawley), camphor drops, sandalwood oil drops, horsetail herb (Lad), saliva and warm water, honey, castor oil (Svoboda)


Dietary Supplements:

triphala, triphala ghee, amalaki, haritaki, bibhitaki, cyavana prash, sudarsana powder, mahasudarsana powder (Frawley), licorice powder, asvagandha, bhrngaraj (Lad)



concentrate 20 minutes per day on ghee flame (trataka), crying induced by putting drops of onion in eyes, gem stones e.g. ruby set in gold (for vata and pitta)--- Frawley


castor oil / sesame oil foot massage---Lad / Susruta


eye education: daily reading of fine print--near / far  dim / bright light with one or two candles, etc.; frequent blinking while reading and viewing; central fixation; practice reading familiar charts (eye charts e.g.); improve imagination with visualization and imagination practice--color and black & white; avoid reading under bright light; daily sunning, palming, short swing, long swing--Agarwal



gentle rubbing of eyes with fingertips

cold water in eyes

cold poultice



collyrium eye wash; sauvira (lead oxide) and mercurical



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