Aspects of daily living that arise spontaneously when mind and physiology are fully attuned with natural law, and which further promote good health, longevity, and the development of higher states of consciousness. 

Collected from a selection of major Ayurvedic texts (Ca. Ci. I.30-35) and a paper by Dr. R.P. Dezai


Medicinal Rasayana (Bheshaja):  Restores tissue deficiencies, prevents aging, promotes health, and assists in recovery from illness.

Non-medicinal Rasayana (Abheshaja):  Creates happiness, prevents aging, and maintains balance.


Physical Activities:

Respect for life--such as respect for teachers and elders

Unselfish work

Devotion to learning

Keeping company of the wise

Generosity--pass on what you earn or gain especially anonymously

Effective time management--prompt, appropriate, and regular

Helping the needy--especially those without means or in grief

Helping those who may have mistreated you

Untainted belief in friends

Be faithful to your partner

Waking and sleep in proportion/balance


Cover mouth when sneezing, coughing, belching

Dress:  clean, simple, good-looking


Avoid unhealthy dietary intake

Avoid promoting the use of unhealthy diet

Avoid sheltering outlaws

Avoid Quarrelling with those deserving respect



Speak the truth                                                         Never lie 

Speech should be short and sweet                            Avoid Piercing words

Coherent speech                                                      Avoid harsh speech

Melodious speech                                                    Don't disclose enmities

Greet another first                                                    Never disclose insults



Respect life in thought and action                              Avoid entertaining anger

Untainted belief in good friends                                 Don't think of doing harm

Calmness                                                                 Don't believe all stories

Clean mind                                                              Avoid entertaining hate

Perseverance                                                           Don't oppose one you have pledged to serve or help

Enjoy the qualities of others                                      Use all senses for growth of higher states of consciousness




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