The following is an Ayurvedic approach to lactation difficulties offered by Vd. Bhate

A lady patient had undergone C-section. The baby could not latch properly in hospital. the pumping also did not yield more than few drops of milk. The reasons for this kind of behaviour were discussed in some posts on C-section related losses to mom and baby, about three years ago.

The baby was started on diluted cow milk as a substitute.

After the discharge from the hospital one week thereafter, the parents, neighbourhood grandmas tried several remedies but milk had more or less dried up.

As Ayurvedic protocol, she was advised following:

1. Warm both breasts with salt bag fomentation for few minutes and apply warm ashwagandha oil and massage clockwise as seen by observer. after 15 minutes massage, apply warm soak for another 10 minutes.
2. Drink Shatawari Ghrutam 1 tsp in warm milk, at breakfast time and at bedtime. 
3, 100 grains of fenugreek, soak at bedtime, grind into paste early morning and drink. In just eight days, the milk started in a trickle form. after another week, baby is now sucking milk twice a day. supplementation by diluted cow milk, goat milk is also going on thrice a day. The ayurvedic protocol is continued and mom hopes that in another one month, she may be able to satisfy baby fully.

The weight gain is also normal now.

In addition to the Ayurvedic protocol, some marma points were given to press during massage.

It is in such instances, that full spectrum of Ayurvedic knowledge of Indian ancients becomes evident.