Repeated miscarriage
Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate
Date: Thu Dec 14, 2006 10:55 am ((PST)

There is a lot in Ayurveda which can fix repeating miscarriages. Author is really surprised to read that you lost the pregnancy 6 times. If you had that much patience, surely reading another post will not be too much additional work:

This post explains food recommendations and Ayurvedic "fix for miscarriage", i.e. Garbhpal Ras and Phal Ghrita.

If ovaries develop cysts, the ovum is weak. It can get fertilized but does not hold to the uterus for long time. This can happen due to excess pitta as well as hormonal imbalance (excess androgens) In such  cases, it is necessary to undertake PCOS treatment. Here too, some food recommendations and Ayurvedic fixes are suggested:

One point for your noting: people who are allergic to dairy can take milk after proper boiling with ginger powder, and ghee in moderate amounts is not a problem for them at all.

Repeated miscarriage is not only post-conception problem. Incompatibility between ovum and sperm also matters here. The shortcomings in compatibility (doshas) can be compensated by special Ayurvedic treatment (under supervision, no self medication) stretching 3 to 6 months. But this long wait is worth since baby is a great source of joy, sacrifice and bliss' God resides not in church, temple or mosque; he finds uterus as the best heavenly abode! This is the conclusion of author after seeing misery of infertile couples!

From other far east corner of world, author can offer only this much.