pregnancy --vomiting

The vitiation of pitta (as a result of changing hormone levels) is the driving  force for nausea. Author suggests two simple drinks which will reduce the problem. Alternate the drinks, say every four hours. Do not eat solid food until body starts retaining it.

1. This drink is called Heem and details are given in another message by author:

2. Ginger drink: Take 4 cups of water (cup means 100 ml) and keep on fire to bring it to boil. In the meanwhile, take 2 inch piece of fresh ginger root, peel it and cut into thin slices. Add to the boiling water and reduce heat to simmer. After 15-20 minutes strain, add crystal sugar and little coarsely ground cinnamon. after it cools to lukewarm temperature, add half a lemon juice and drink. You can add honey instead of crystal sugar, but only after water has cooled to lukewarm temperature.

If someone tells that ginger is 'hot' and should not be taken during pregnancy, do not worry. After boiling, ginger looses its 'hot' property and addition of crystal sugar/honey, lemon changes the picture, and as you are going to alternate between the two drinks every four hours, no such fear be kept in mind.

Drink these only from 6 am to 6 pm, ending with heem. thus schedule:

6 am: ginger drink
10 am: heem
2 pm: ginger drink
6 pm: heem

at 10 pm you can try sweetened milk. the day you start retaining this milk, reduce ginger drink and heem you can continue at reduced frequency.

Phala Ghrutam 1 tsp in milk twice a day will also help not only keeping nausea to minimum, but also help fetus grow healthy. You may see this mentioned in group
file 'Medicine_chest.doc' after clicking on the file name. File name will appear on screen after clicking on

1/2 tsp of ground cumin seeds can be held in mouth if above program is unable to bring the problem to manageable level.

Other than this or any other Ayurvedic/homeopathic suggestions from any one else, do not try allopathic tablets/capsules for this. Harms caused
to fetus are never tested in a clinical trial of large magnitude.

Dr Bhate