Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate

    Date: Fri Dec 15, 2006 9:15 am ((PST))


There are 108 vital points all around body, where important bundle of nerves come together and exchange info. location of important points can be understood from a figure at: 

The figure is small, but a practitioner can locate the points quickly by a little pressure with fingers. How? even a little pressure gives disproportionate pain signal. Author uses about 30 of these points for diagnosis, in addition to ususla pulse and ashta-vidha pariksha of Ayurveda. 

The important point is: Never irritate marma points. and circumcision means a little surgery of marma point. The trauma and its effects are so long lasting that author needs a separate post for this. It seems, most prisoners of war held in a certain country have to undergo genital mutilation is adequate proof of of sadistic tendencies developed as a result of circumcision! Author has published literature on this if someone is interested to pursue this subject: the effect of environment during womb ecology to 5 years of childhood is what shapes a man or woman!  

Incidentally marma points are used during an emergency, say stroke, to bring the patient back to material world! 

The moral of the story is marma points should be effectively used for treatment but not circumcision.