C-section rate in the news

Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate@yahoo.com shirishbhate
Date: Thu Nov 23, 2006 9:39 pm ((PST)

Your baby is big, the uterus may rupture, you may have to go through episiotomy etc are the standard opinions which push a would-be-mom to
C-section. But what makes baby big?

The sky rocketing C-section rate does not surprise this author. The first person causing this is pregnant mom! surprised?

"We must first wonder how and when the systems that regulate our appetite and our capacity to store fat adjust themselves and reach their `set point levels'. In general, in the field of health, we should first be concerned with the programming of our biological computers during the primal period of life", says Michel Odent, MD at:


babies born heavier are also likely victims of obesity, diabetes, pcos, CHD etc, later in life. Programming of obesity from before birth will result in an inter-generational cycle of obesity. We need to stop infants from becoming obese in the first place. But who can do it? Mothers and health care professional who advises them. See what a research released yesterday says:


The incidence of babies heavier than 6 lbs is increasing in India too, notably in Metros. Tribal babies are skinny, just a mass of bones and skin, like their mothers. Author wonders how babies become satisfied with breast milk. Despite small breasts, milk supply is never poor!