I'm looking for a little advice to help a 8 month old girl with reflux and constipation... and mom would like to be treating her reflux and constipation naturally.

1a. Re: Infant Reflux
Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate@yahoo.com shirishbhate
Date: Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:50 pm ((PDT))

Take licorice powder 1/4 tsp, amalaki powder 1/4 tsp, Haritaki powder 1/4 tsp, 1/4 tsp ginger powder, mix in a little honey such that powders should become little sticky, put them in muslin or very thin cloth and tie into a ball, the size of which should be comfortably fitting in babies mouth. Give the ball for baby to suck. It should be given after feed to 8 month old girl. If she can take powders directly, no need to put them in cloth.

Same mixture in honey will work as laxative for 2.75 year old boy, if he also takes one banana with milk/ghee (take later if milk allergy) at bedtime.

For improving digestion, take a little ginger cut into slices, along with saindhava salt, just at the beginning of meal for mom and 2.75 y/o boy. If saindhava salt difficult to get, use sea salt or black salt.

Mom can lick 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder in honey at beginning of meal, to improve her kapha+pitta and also help milk secretion, for both children. 1 tsp fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in 1 cup water drink only water taken first thing empty stomach water is also a "galactagogue" and insulin resistance killer remedy. TRy it for 15 days and take self-experience.

Author believes that one reason for constipation in children is also the insulin resistance which parents pass on to children. fenugreek and cinnamon as well as banana are wonderful home remedies for constipation. If banana is causing excessive mucous, add a little black pepper or ginger there and see the difference.

The responsibilities of carrying treasure of Ayurveda, folk remedies rests on moms and not MDs or Vaidyas. What you sow , same you will reap.