Eleven Natural Colic remedies
Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate@yahoo.com shirishbhate
Date: Wed Jun 6, 2007 3:08 am ((PDT)

Dear Moms

You may have spent sleepless nights worrying about baby having stomach ache/colic. Other than mothers milk, nothing suits babies up to 2 years. Switch to formula causes colic. Mothers diet also sometimes causes colic.

Collection from grandmas and moms, aunties, etc is here. Handed over to the author by a obstetrician friend. Author too added something Most of it may be already known to you. Thought it may be useful. If you wish to add to it, please and pass on to next generation.

1. Just get into a hot bath with the baby. Both of you will relax and the colic will quickly disappear. You and the baby will be able to sleep thereafter.

2. Pure (Extra virgin) Olive Oil works great for babies with colic. Give them a teaspoon full, and in 15-20 minutes, they are quiet. It not only coats the stomach, but it helps when they use the rest room.

3. Take a quarter of a small onion and boil it in a small sauce pan. After about five minutes of boiling, take 2 oz of broth and 2 oz of cold water, and 1 tsp of jaggary and place in a bottle. Give bottle to baby. This helps the desire to suck, and the onion breaks up the gas. Child stops crying and is back to sleep in 15 minutes. For those not having jaggary can use karo syrup or honey.

4. Steep fennel seeds for 10 minutes. Give 1/2 to 1 oz as needed (luke warm). No sweetener please.

5. In author's childhood, Gripe water was available, which also used to work. Procedure to make this water: Take 250 ml water and add 2 tsp each of Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ajwain seeds, anise seeds, dill seeds, Vidanga seeds if available. All seeds to be coarsely ground before adding to water. Slow boil till water remains 100 ml. Strain and gripe water is ready. Vidanga takes care of parasites too.

6. Find an orange tree, pick some leaves off of it, wash them, make a tea of them by boiling them in water which also sterilizes the tea, and add a little jaggary or honey.

7. Take hot water bottle (the rubber kind) a towel and heat water to fill bottle to 50%. Wrap it in towel (so you don't burn the baby). Place it in the middle of the babies bed. Place the baby on top of it with the bottle immediately under the babies stomach. Pat the baby's back gently until it goes to sleep.

8. Many colic situations arise as a result of gas entrapped in stomach. Dissolve a peppermint candy in hot water and give baby even 15-20 ml would be adequate. Allow baby to burp the gas.

9. This is something unusual. Try it as last option. Take small bottle and fill it up with about 25 ml beer. Shake well so that all bubbles and gas passes out of bottle. Give to baby and see the miracle.

10. In remedy#3, instead of quarter onion, substitute two cloves of garlic and a new remedy results. Adding a little jaggary would take care of pungent taste.

11. Take 2 tsp cooking oil. sesame oil would be best. heat it. when fumes start coming, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 pinch turmeric powder, 1 pinch ajwain powder. when garlic turns golden brown, add a pinch of asafoetida and remove from fire immediately. When oil cools to warm temperature, apply it around belly button of baby and massage lightly. Baby will pass gas and sleep.