Calcium During Pregnancy

The baby in the womb keeps drawing minerals from mother for all bone formation; that is why calcium tablets is a favorite prescription during pregnancy. How much calcium you absorb and how much goes through expensive urine is a research matter. This is also reason you are unable to bear pregnancy pain and opt for epidurals or c-section. Those on natural food, without any pills and tablets will deliver normally, without babies growing too large in womb, and pelvic muscles will flex to give smooth birth. and vaginal birth will cause adequate neuro
triggers to secret enough milk.

Baby grows after birth too, and demands more calcium now through milk. Mother did not get enough through calcium tablets, she passed on what she got through green diet. post partum, her diet should have more greens and milk, but with industrial milk available plenty, you are not
inclined to drink it, leaving only fruits and veggies to supply. But how much fruits and veggies you will keep grazing like cows? This is all the crux of the problem. The magnesium is also depleted. lack of adequate magnesium, phosphorous is the reason, calcium absorption is poor. Nearly 400 chemical reactions in body need magnesium as catalyst. And on top of that, more than 9 months you have been taking mineral stripped iodized salt. More iodine in salt is already proven to cause hormone imbalances in endocrine system, causing thyroids hormones out-of-whack. as per recent Chinese research.

And glands act as a system not in isolation. This may also explain gestational diabetes for PCOS women when they are pregnant.

Now when you do sea salt+epsom salt water fomentation, minerals are getting absorbed transdermally. the deficiency of calcium, magnesium is being reduced, nerves and muscles are relaxing now. How this work is beautifully explained by an expert here:

Ginger as well as turmeric are anti-inflammatory herbs and when ginger boils with milk, its "hot" property changes to "sweet, cooling" after its digestion in the body causing vata pacifying results.

Vata shouts through pain, Pitta through burning, pricking sensation and Kapha through itch. Though this is a general classification, mixed situations can exist, and pulse is the barometer of each dosha.

Calcium, Magnesium are ingredients of bone tissues, termed "asthi" in Ayurveda. God is more kind on baby as compared to mother, as mother is his angel sent to earth to give birth to a baby. so baby's requirements are taken care by loss of minerals from mother bones. That is dhatu Kshya, which sets up Vata or pain. Already she is suffering from empty uterus, filled with air, adding to Vata. This is figurative, do not treat vata as air. That is the reason, after birth she is given ginger, fenugreek, guggulu, turmeric, peeper longum, black pepper, garlic, ghee, oil, fomentation to reduce vata vitiation. Ashwagandha is the vata herb, used in most problems related to nervous system. Should boiling of ginger powder be less by any chance, crystal sugar and cardamom take care of pitta vitiation which would otherwise result.