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Date: Sun Jan 28, 2007 10:13 pm ((PST)

There was a similar situation with a 13 week pg mom. here are the authors post on some other list:
> I am 11.5 wks PG. this morning at 1 am blood started dripping/flowing out of me. we went right to the ER. No clots, just red blood. Lost a lot. Cervix is thick and closed. Ultrasound showed baby beating at 173. Dr. mentioned risk of me hemorrhaging (sp?) or miscarrying...

Central Nervous System including immune system acts in top most gear during pregnancy. Accordingly most of us have experienced that most disease conditions remain suppressed during pregnancy, since super power is taking care of the new soul getting born.

Ayurveda considers menstrual blood as "mala" of blood (rasa dhatu), to be discharged out to maintain the purity and vitality of blood.

Therefore, one of the Panchakarma is "blood letting" through leeches sucking impure blood or letting out the blood by surgical wound.

But author prefers leech therapy since leeches NEVER, like mosquitoes, suck pure blood. they like impure blood only.

Combine this with the fact that slight spotting or menstrual flow gives plenty relief after the end of cycle.

Blood is soil, accordion to Dr Hamer, the doctor who studied more than 40,000 cancer case and cured quite a substantial ones. When a new soul is to be catered, soil must be pure, be it farming or pregnancy. Hence it has been noted that whenever spotting or flow occurs during pregnancy, body is trying to purify soil. Only one condition--blood flow must not be accompanied by pain. Pain means either endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy/miscarriage. The chances of  latter are
ruled out after 7th week or so.

Hence, do not worry. Ayurvedist would have given you some tablet to limit the outflow but not stop it altogether. What is occurring is for good of the baby. Soak 4-6 dates or 12-15 raisins in a cup of water overnight and drink water next morning. Chew dates or raisins to re-establish Hb levels quickly.

Dates and raisins are not sugar, they are glycosugars made by God, not mannatech (brandname Ambotose)! This author's diabetic patients also happily take dates/raisins and their craving for sugar slowly vanishes! Author has crossed the boundaries with the proper interpretation of Ayurvedic texts, the reasons why sugar craving comes are also explained here>

Ayurvedic supplements include the jams made from raisins to boost iron as well as give resistance to profuse blood flow. Have platelet levels been checked by dr.?

But remember the mantra...just blood flood nothing to worry, if there is pain, then there is something worth worrying.

The bleeding is many a time assumed to be caused by hypospadia. The agents that have caused hypospadias in a small number of boys have been maternal use of synthetic progestins and finasteride in the first two trimesters of pregnancy:

Problems of synthetic progestins are well documented; however, author has seen that natural progesterone sources are harmless. For more than millennium, Ayurveda has been recommending "Garhbhapal Ras", a herbo-mineral formulation which supports placenta secreting adequate progesterone. Author has been recommending it through out the gestation.

In addition, "Phal Ghrut" a rich nutrient made from cow ghee, which causes secretion of progesterone from ovaries as well as placenta, in addition to strengthening the ovaries, has been recommended in Ayurvedic text "Ashtanga Hridaya", one of the three prominent texts:

Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Astanga Hridaya (They are termed Brihatrayi collectively). Author has given it to several prenatal moms and has seen that it leads not only to healthy but medium weight baby. The baby has no risk of obesity or mom having risk of gestational diabetes. The reason is of course omega-3 fats, glycoproteins contents of the Phala Ghrita. Together, the two formulations ensure that there will be neither miscarriage nor intermittent spotting bleeding.

When coupled with bastis of Ayurvedic pancha karma in last 3 weeks of gestation, several first time moms have delivered normally (VB), in say less than six hours after admission!

This situation, though looks like utopian, it is from India, where organic veggies and fruits are still available and there is not much medication of synthetic vitamins and capsules during pregnancy. Placental attachment issues occur when progesterone is insufficient!

Progesterone, responsible for regular ovulation, cycles and protecting the fetus, gets produced in more quantity by alkaline food, sattvic food and glycosugars which are all good contributors:

Few studies indicate progesterone deficiency threatens miscarriage. And in most cases of subchorionic hematoma, the progesterone has been administered. see following online sources. However, author presents a little of other side too!

a comforting fact is subchorionic hematoma does not increase the risks of miscarriage!

1. My doctor suggested bed rest, Utrogestan pills (micronized progesteron 3 * 100 mg / day


2. He's given me progesterone just in case

3. The progesterone may help to maintain. uterine quiescence and may also have beneficial ...

an unusual case of pre-placental and subchorionic hematoma, patient received IM-17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (proluton), a natural metabolite of progesterone. There have been no previous reports on the use of this in patients with placental hematomas, although it has been shown to be effective in preventing recurrent preterm deliveries. read interesting paper at:

4. Relationship between progesterone levels and miscarriage risk: Adelusi B, Dada OA. Use of progesterone and estradiol levels to predict the outcome of pregnancies in cases of threatened abortion. East Afric Med J 1983;60:323-7.

5. Subchorionic hematoma occured at 6.5 weeks, was put on progesterone and by 14th week it was gone, a message posted by pregnant lady on 11-12-2006 at

6. The use of progesterone was effective both on pain relief and on the frequency of the UCs that decreased after 5 days of vaginal progesterone administration (P < 0.005). The evaluation of the ongoing pregnancy and spontaneous abortion in both study groups after 60 days showed that 4 patients of group A and 8 patients of group B miscarried (P < 0.05). In conclusion, patients with threatened abortion benefit from vaginal progesterone by a reduction of UCs and
pain. The use of vaginal progesterone improved the outcome of pregnancies complicated by threatened abortion and previous diagnosis of inadequate luteal phase.

6. Despite several case reported, there is no complte agreement on use of progesterone. Although bed rest and progesterone supplements are often advised, little evidence supports their effectiveness Give anti-Rh D immune globulin to non-sensitised women with symptoms near, at, or after 12 gestational weeks
paper in British Medical Journal, 2004;329:152-155 (17 July), doi:10.1136/bmj.329.7458.152 [Author suspects that reluctance to administer progesterone is
because it is synthetic]

7. There is controversial information on using Prometrium in a normal pregnancy. In IVF it has shown to work, because women who have IFV receive many different hormones requiring additional progesterone.  But in a normal pregnancy it has not been conclusively shown that it decreases the risk of a miscarriage.

Many more papers can be indicated, but author is not interested in consuming more bandwidth on a discussion list like this.

So that is modern science. all papers/experiences cited here are about synthetic progesterone!

With herbal progesterone you will find nothing in libraries or net. The reasons is, alternative science is not so sophisticated or organised or sponsored by sellers. no body is interested in publishing experience other than those who feel world should be freed from drug mafia!

This author gives herbs which balance progesterone if less. If adequate, the herbs are ineffective and do not cause any discomfort. Progesterone suppliment is made using certain fruits and herbs, boiled in cow ghee. Hence the mom is always protected. The protective properties of cow ghee can be found in ayurveda, not in published journals. It is one product west has never studied. only germans are taking some interest. they have taken 12 indian cows to germany!

Many of the fruits and seeds, when soaked, they have different effects on the body, as discussed in ayurvedic terms. E.g. items such as dates, raisins, tamarind are warming when eaten in as available condition. but when soaked overnight, their net effect on the body changes. these "warmin" or pitta enhancing foods become pitta reducing, blood purifying and cooling foods. Dates and raisins increase Haemoglobin levels fastest amongst all "iron" rich foods.

All seeds when soaked start gerinating and release vitamins and enzymes specific to each case. e.g. cancer patients who find flaxseeds difficult to chew along with cheese in "Budwig" protocol, they are advised to soak the flaxseeds and just take soaked water next morning. And another such seeds is "fenugreek" where only soaked water acts as not only a "galactogauge" but also helpful to reduce insulin resiatnce. and fenugreek, though normally warming and vata pacifier in postnatal period, when soaked, its water acts differently

Ayurveda is the only healing science which has gone in depth into effect of each grain, legume, vegetable, fruit, seeds on our body. Being ancient, only literature you will find is some recent (last 20- 30 years) published papers to obtain MD and exceptionally PhD. The regular university teaching started just some 20-25 years ago in India. Till that time it was Guru-Disciple relation that continued the tradition.

The relation between fetus protecting tendency of progesterone, also blood coagulant slightly and ayurvedic medicines which promote higher secretion of progesterone is through certain herbs and fruits such as dates and raisin. raisins are also leading to fetus protection, but only when soaked and taken.

Take dates or raisin soaked for a few days at breakfast time yourself and see the effect on your own body.

Ayurveda pays keen attention to smallest details of food consumption and medicine administration.

Dates loose most of their sweet taste when one soaks them overnight. You get that sugar only if you drink soaked water too. Same thing about raisins also. When there is a blood loss, one needs quickly both sugar and something which can be converted to blood fast. Raisins soaked should be chewed and taken. Whenever there is bleeding, vomits in first trimester, dates/raisins soaked is recommended.

Why dates raisins become useful to restore Hemoglobin is answered here, in connection with Hair-loss:

For westerners Vitex is most recommended:

Some info on vitex:
"I just recently tried vitex with a woman with suspected low progesterone levels. She was bleeding in early pregnancy (7 weeks) and was suffering migraine headaches. I did some lab work to determine if her progesterone levels were in fact low, and they were quite low. She took the vitex for a couple of weeks, along with wild yam and 2% cream, and the headaches and bleeding stopped within a day. We just got heart tones last week, at 9 weeks. A local herbalist explained it as a pituitary stimulant.

I recommended Vitex to a client who had a 9-week SA, and was doing some bleeding which was not only heavy but lasted for way longer than we were happy with. It did wonders for the bleeding, but she said the infusion tasted like dirt.

Vitex also works well for women with luteal phase defects and infertility.

Milewisz A., Et al Vitex Agnus castus extract in the treatment of luteal phase defects due to latent hyperprolactinemia. Results of a double-blind study. Arzneimittelforschung, 43(7):752-6 1993 Jul Clinical study of 52 women with luteal phase defects due to latent prolactinemia. Statistically significant changes were seen in the group taking the vitex extract. The prolactin release was reduced after 3 months, shortened luteal phases were normalized and deficits in the luteal progesterone synthesis were eliminated. There were also 3 pregnancies.

IN conclusion, These are suggestions for consideration by you and  your health care professional, not prescriptions for curing any disease.

1. Garbhpal Ras 2 Tabs, 125 mg each, crush in honey and take 1/2 hour after lunch and dinner. This is classical formulation you will find in Ayurvedic text Yog Ratnakara. The name itself means it takes care of baby in womb.

2. Phala Ghrita: 1 tsp in half cup warm mil, after breakfast and at bed time. The info about this you will find in file "Medicine_chest.doc" stored in "Files" section of group ayurvedaonline. This is medicated ghee (Clarified butter), it is also uterine tonic. Will take care of curing scars too, if there are during c-section. This is a special ghee for uterus and ovaries. For curing scars external on body ayurveda offers another ghrut. The file itself was made so that Indians residing in U.S.A. should know which medicines should be taken while going from India, so that they can use in emergency.

3. Lastly, if you wish to stop bleeding urgently  Shonitargal Ras: 2 Tabs taken in the same manner as Garbhpal Ras. These are not to be taken for more than a week. Author used this in several cases of endometriosis and menorrhagia along with other medicines. In Ayurveda Shonit means the embryo in first trimester
only. that is why the name shonitargal ras. This one increases clotting tendency, increases platelets, so the blood flow comes under control quickly and stops. This author experience says the flow should stop in just 2-3 days, but he recommends to take for two more days, but not exceeding 8 days. The medicine would not stop the miscarriage, however, if uterus wishes to expel the baby. see:

The formulations described herein may be available from all- or You may have to search them online.