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Twenty Approaches to Health -- Maharishi Ayurveda

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  1. Consciousness: develop higher states of consciousness through meditation, advanced techniques, and siddhi programs

  2. Primordial Sound: features use of sounds of Vedas, vedangas, and upangas to eliminate imbalanced physiology

  3. Intellect: right knowledge (of Self and of the law of cause and effect) dispels faulty thought, speech, and behavior to promote health

  4. Emotions: by strengthening the finest level of the intellect (feelings) emotions develop fully

  5. Language: the study of language--Sanskrit--promotes balanced physiology by expanding consciousness directly (this structure of Sanskrit does this directly)

  6. Gandharva Veda: sound, melody, rhythm, representing cycles of Nature, act directly on physiology to restore balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit

  7. Senses: there are Vedic protocols (sense therapies) for enlivening the senses directly; this promotes balance and integration

  8. Psycho-Physiological Integration: this technique works through sounds directed at restoring integrative functioning of nervous system and psyche

  9. Neuromuscular Integration: Vedic exercises and postures restore integrative functioning of nervous system and muscles necessary for health

  10. Neurorespiratory: Vedic breathing techniques promote nervous system integrative functioning of nervous system and respiratory function to promote balance

  11. Physiological Purification (Panchakarma): by cleansing the body of certain impurities we can restore balance in the physiology and heal disease

  12. Dietary Programs: food is medicine and knowledge of right diet and eating behaviors promotes better choices necessary for balanced physiology

  13. Supplements: Vedic food supplements help establish and maintain balanced physiology

  14. Rasayana : rejuvenation techniques insure healthy and long life by promoting good physiology, proper digestion, timely elimination, and so on

  15. Behavioral Chrono-Therapy: daily routine  works on the senses and the body to restore imbalances and to promote health

  16. Pulse Assessment: by detecting imbalances on a subtle level through pulse palpation one is able to prevent disease and to cure diseases already manifested

  17. Jyotisha: understanding the nature and timing of karmic effects from past lives helps to prepare for and avoid these influences

  18. Yagya: Vedic technology rituals or ceremonial performances establish integration in the individual and create new influences for health and happiness

  19. Environment: by meditating one's own mental and physical environment is purified of  negative influences

  20. World Peace: group performances of Vedic experts the world environment is purified--bringing world peace and world health


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