A tribute to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: The Inner Science of Public Policy and Collective Human Transformation" Cho Tab Khen Zambuling(Alfredo Sfeir-Younis)

[1] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Maharishi) lives for ever in the hearts and souls of millions of people. This is not only within those who learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) but, in addition, within those who benefited from the internal and external effects of the existence of those meditators (The Maharishi Effect).

He was the sage of our times, a unique teacher, a holy being, an enlightened soul, an outstanding inner scientist, and a loving and compassionate person. I was one of those who, privileged by destiny, had the opportunity to be with him many times, always feeling the magic and transcendental nature of those moments. He was pure love.

The first time, in the late eighties, I was in Maharishi Nagar for more than ten hours. As an economist, and as an environmental economist, he transformed my personal and professional life forever. To say simply `thank you', does not convey my deep and ingrained gratitude that unfolds in my daily life. To say that `I loved him dearly' does not totally convey the inner message of eternal surrendering that circulates in my veins. In all sincerity, before I met him, I had no idea and no expectations that a so-called "Guru" would have such a powerful influence in my professional life. In a matter of hours, he opened millions of cosmic windows within my soul and gave me the pure experience of cosmic existence, and enabled me to see a completely different form of economics, business, environmental management, and public policy.

In my mind, this was an impossible reality before meeting him. To think that spirituality and economics were one, it was like oil and vinegar for me. But the teachings and practices of Maharishi's Veda blended within me as I would have never imagined. Instead of promoting, as I did in the past, an economics defined as the science of `scarcity', he taught me that economics is, and should be, the science of `abundance'. He taught me that most economists see `scarcity' as the essence of economics because they have completely forgotten the role that human consciousness plays in making choices under situations characterized by material scarcity. I do not forget his initial words: "I will teach you to become an economist of abundance. I will make you a Vedic Economist - an economist who in the end nurtures the eternal and divine values of life".

Those words are still there. The inner experience of his intent wakes me up every morning. The powers of his Sutras guide my entire life every day and set the tone for each moment of my existence. He opened my transformational process through Vedic Science, the Science of Truth and the Science of Natural Law. It became  exactly what I needed: to give a true holistic meaning to my profession of environmental economist. This is of infinite value for me and for the people I have had the opportunity to interact with and touch.

He also guided me in political philosophy. He did not conceive of spirituality only as an individual aspect of someone's life. He clearly saw the collective and social dimensions of spirituality. This is why he taught me how to translate the Vedas into public policy, government, governance, economic and social policies, international development, etc. Ninety nine percent of my conversations with him were on those matters. We spent together many evenings and nights debating international affairs. Sometimes, we had heated debates and he pointed me into the direction of a better future to humanity. As one would say today, all those moments were a collection of diamonds.

He unfolded pure Veda and Natural law in my human existence –and in the existence of so many– and these are now the foundation of my spiritual path and they are the most powerful force in what I teach, and all what I do. The Vedas unfolded in me, and a huge light guides my destiny since. I met Maharishi as the Teacher and sage. I met Maharishi as the Administrator and "Boss". I met Maharishi as the Philosopher and Leader. I met him smiling and also as a tough master.

It is impossible for me to forget that night went he was upset with me because of the type of questions, proposals and ideas I was conveying to him. To everything he said `No'. Six months later, he called me and said: "to everything I said `No', it is now `Yes'. And let me explain to you why `Yes'". He did. And, I immediately understood his immense love and compassion for humanity. It was immediately then when he created the Natural Law Party, The Center for Public Policy, and many other important external/public dimensions of his affairs here in this life time.

The translation of his Vedic Science and Natural Law into politics was, and still is, the essence of my public interactions. Those were brilliant moves. They are an eternally wise gift to humanity as a collective. One night I was proposing to him ideas on how to win the elections in the US. He actively listened to me. And, after what I believed were true gems for Maharishi, he turned to me and said: "who told you that I want to win political elections?" That was enough to understand the true essence of his existence in the public domain. No personal interest. No ego. No intent to be famous, only to serve humanity.

He was extremely loving and compassionate. One night around four o'clock in the morning I shared with him my experience (some difficult ones too!!) with the Siddhis and the Yogic Flying, and asked him for advice. I was prepared for him to say, "please see so and so, who are the teachers …" But to my amazement, he,  on the contrary, devoted nearly two hours to teach me every step: from meditation experience to the Advanced Techniques, from the Advanced Techniques to the Sutras of Patanjali, and from those Sutras to the Sutra of Yogic Flying. He did this in such a loving way that it embraced my entire soul and I have been grateful to  him all my life.

Maharishi gave me friends for life: meditators. Maharishi gave me knowledge for life: The Veda. Maharishi gave my children new destinies. Long Live Maharishi. Long Live Maharishi. Long Live Maharishi.

Cho Tab Khen Zambuling