The Glow

 "Now I tell you what is there which has not yet been covered by us on our path to the Absolute and which we have yet to know in order to have complete fulfillment in life: the ability to be on any subtle strata of creation and the ability to do anything anywhere.

There is a sphere, somewhere near the transcendent; supposing we transcend here. There is a sphere somewhere near transcending that is the source of all the relative. We have to get acquainted with this area . . . that you have experienced in the state of "glow". We have to get that experience much more clearly than what we have gained till now, and we have to be able to get it at will.

When you gain this ability, you'll be master of the whole creation . . . master-mind of the whole creation to be able to do and undo, to know and forget anything you like with any part of the universe. Now for this also you have not to do anything except be regular in meditation and take life easy."


Lecture given on the last day of course to train Meditation Guides
Hochgurgl, Austria