A  Note about the Science of Creative Intelligence


        SCI has two aspects: 1) a theory which describes fundamental principles of order and growth expressed in the functioning of human intelligence and nature  2) a practical aspect, the TM  and TM-Sidhi programs

        Among the basic premises of SCI are:

1.      that human awareness has a least excited state which is directly experienced as pure awareness

2.      this least excited, simplest state of awareness is an unlimited source of creativity and intelligence

3.      the human nervous system can be systematically developed to function from the least excited state of awareness, which results in the full use of creative intelligence in daily life

4.      and the least excited state of awareness can be identified as the source of all the laws of nature; manís functioning and natureís functioning are found to have the same basis.

        SCI derives from 3 sources: historical records of the characteristics of higher states of consciousness; laws of nature discovered by modern science; and the personal experience of the full development of consciousness provided by the TM and TM-Sidhi programs.