Quote attributed to MMY many years ago. The quote was on the web page below (it is now removed/dead).  It appeared to be a Russian language site with the quote below in English. Since MMY speaks, traditionally, to most audiences in English it may be assumed that these words are NOT a translation of some other language.




While making a reference to the Mantras, in this manner, I feel like touching a very vital aspect of Sadhana [sic], which things are blurred in the present atmosphere of too much talk of Vedanta.

Obviously enough there are two ways of life, the way of life of a Sanyasi and the way of life of a householder. One is quite opposed to the other. A Sanyasi renounces every thing of the world, whereas a householder needs and accumulates everything. Shastras declare both the ways of life to be the paths of emancipation. Both are said to be the "Moksha-Marga" Nivarthi Marga and 'Privathi Marga'. The one realizes through renunciation and detachment, while the other goes through all attachments and accumulation or all that is needed for physical life. We have to suit the two ways of life. Mantras for the Sanyasis have the effect of increasing the sense of detachment and renunciation, and also have the power of destroying the objects of worldly affections, if there should survive any such objects for him. Quite contrary to this are the Mantras suitable for the householder which have the efficacy of harmonizing and enriching the material aspect of life also.

The Mantras of the Sanyasi have a destructive effect in the material field of life, whereas the Mantras suited to the householder envisage constructive values also.

"Om" is the Mantra for the Sanyasi. The Sanyasi repeats "Om" "Om" Om". It is given to him at the time of 'Sanyas-Diksha', at the time when he has completely renounced attachment to the world. Renunciation and detachment increase with the repetition of 'Om', 'Om' is chanted aloud by a Sanyasi to put on end to his desires. Desire are destroyed by loudly chanting the mantra 'Om'. And if there is of any desire deeply rooted in the mind of the Sanyasi, the chanting of 'Om' will result in destruction of the object of such desire in order to make the Sanyasi wholly desireless. The Sanyasi attains peace through the renunciation and destruction of desires, whereas the peace comes to the householder when his needs are satisfied, when his desires are fulfilled. The mantras for the householders have the effect of fulfilling the desires.

If unfortunately the householder begins to repeat the pranava Mantra viz. 'Om', 'Om" Om' he experiences destructive effects in his material life. The effect starts with monetary loss and then goes on to destroy objects of affection, one by one. Such a man, when he finds loss of money and separation from the dear ones, he is reduced to utter peacelessness and frustration. Where is the chance of spiritual development or experience of Peace and happiness for such a dejected soul? The path of peacelessness and misery in the world cannot lead to Eternal happiness. If the man is proceeding towards Eternal happiness, every day he should feel the increase of peace and happiness, and this alone will assure him that he is proceeding towards abiding peace and eternal happiness. If you walk towards the light you should be able to feel the increase crease of light at every step. If you are spending some time in devotion to God, you should feel peace and happiness in life. , that the Mantras that you are repeating do not suit you. The mantras that suit the Sanyasis can never suit the householders. Hundreds of God-loving and God-fearing families, have been ruined due to the destructive effects of Sanyasa Mantra viz, "Om". "Om" destroys desires and also destroys the objects of desires and therefore it produces calmness of mind and renunciation and detachment from material life only to Sanyasis when they repeat Om; to them it brings the experience of peace of mind and from this experience they generally recommend the chanting of 'Om' to their followers. But when a householder repeats Om, he experiences that as long as he is repeating 'Om' he feels peace of mind, but when he comes out to indulge in business or household work, he finds that the air is against his desire and schemes. The silencing effect on the mind and destructive effects in material life, both are experienced side by side. Some people say that we should ignore material life in regard to the devotional practices and Mantras. But this is a fool's ideology. Can you possibly ignore the considerations of material life, when the Mantras do affect it? Select a path which will make you happier in your material life also. Do not live in a fool's paradise. Do not think that your sufferings end miseries of today will work as reservations in the galleries of heaven for tomorrow. Be peaceful and happy in the present and try to make this state permanent. This is the path of Deliverance in Life Jeevan-Mukti, the most exalted state in human existence, the state of abiding Peace and Eternal Bliss. And this you are entitled to have through correct and suitable Sadhana. And because the Mantras play an important role in the field of Sadhana, you must be very very careful in the selection of the Mantra. The theory of Mantras is the theory of sound. It is most scientific and natural. Ladies should never repeat any Mantra beginning with Om. The pronunciation of Om is like fire to the ladies. This is the practical experience of many devoted ladies who repeated 'Om Namah Shivaya' or 'Om Namonarayanaya' or 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya' or any such mantra beginning with Om. It cannot be God's wish that you should suffer in your devotion to him. Do not cling to the unhelpful Mantras. The moment you find you have got into the wrong train, it is wise to get down from it as soon as possible. It is foolish to stick on to the wrong train and go wherever it takes you.

I hold that the devotees of the Almighty God should not suffer at all. 'That is the fundamental condition of the path to Eternal Bliss. I hold that bliss or happiness should increase at every step till we get into the realm of eternal happiness. I hold that the devotees of the god should enjoy peace and happiness at every stage, because he is the fountain head of all peace and happiness. It cannot be that our march towards the light should at any stage increase the darkness before us. The march towards the Anant Anandam must give the experience of increase of Anandam at every step and in every walk of life.

The devotee of the Almighty cannot suffer. If he is found to suffer, he cannot be said to be a devotee of God. lt pains me when I find people suffering in the name of God and devotion. I offer an open invitation to such aspirants and seekers of God. I invite them to come out of their miserable devotion, and step into the peaceful blissful chambers of Sadhana, blessed and illumined by the divine radiance of Shri Guru Deva. I invite them to put an end to their sufferings and peacelessness and crown their day to day life with success peace and joy. Do not waste time and life. Life is to enjoy. So come on to the field of all joy. The gates of all glories of life are open for you. "Make hay when the sun shines". Avail the opportunity in hand and enjoy life to the fullest.