MMY on Role of A Guru

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there is a question on the special role of the teacher, the Guru, in gaining the full awakening of enlightenment. The reporter asks, “In every news conference, Maharishi pays tribute to his teacher and to the tradition of Vedic teachers for giving the knowledge and technique of Transcendental Meditation to gain enlightenment. Is the technique of Transcendental Meditation and other advanced programmes sufficient to gain enlightenment, or is there an indispensable role that a teacher plays to guide an individual on the path to enlightenment? And if so, what would that role be?” ’

Maharishi: ‘The role is that the teacher is absolutely woven into this knowledge. And when the knowledge is in our awareness, it is the total teacher that is in our awareness. It says in the Vedic Literature about the teacher, “Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam.” There is nothing greater than Guru; there is nothing greater than Guru; there is nothing greater than Guru, because Guru is the embodiment of all that is greatest.

‘Guru is Brahm. “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur.” These are not the words of adoration; this is the description of the reality of Guru. Guru is on the level of Totality personified. When Guru speaks, it is the Totality that speaks. Words of the Guru are the words of the Veda. Veda is only heard from the Guru. So Guru means the Totality. If one is in the sense of Guru all the time, one is in the sense of total Natural Law and its total organizing power; there is nothing greater than that.

‘That is why Guru is completely natural in our awareness. It is not a matter of anything that is from outside or anything. It is completely natural. It is simple. It is Totality. It is a great thing. One knows it in being that level of relationship. “Na Guror Adhikam”—there is nothing greater than Guru, nothing greater than Guru.

‘Guru Purnima is the Full Moon of the Guru—one day of the year. In the Vedic Calendar, each day is attributed to some Devata, to some special creative intelligence—Sun, Moon, Shiva, Vishnu, and all. There are an enormous number of Devatas, embodiments of the Kriya Shakti. “Kriya Shakti” is the power of action. There are two things, basically: the silence and action, silence and activity, infinite silence and infinite activity, and both in perfect accord with each other. Perfect silence, perfect dynamism: this is Brahm—this is Totality.

‘The Guru is Totality. He has, as it is said in the Vedic Literature and with reference to what Dr John Hagelin just said, “Pripad Asyamritam Divi”. That means three-fourths is Amrit. “Amrit” means eternal. Three-fourths is eternal; one-fourth is juggling around.

‘Three-fourths is eternal. This is what makes us stand on our own feet eternally. We are embedded in the three-fourths of the unmanifest, as Dr Hagelin said. This unmanifest, this Avyakta, is three-fourths, and the manifest is one-fourth. Three-fourths is unmanifest; one-fourth is manifest. The changes take place in the unmanifest. What continues in the field of flow is three-fourths. So the dominant factor is three-fourths of Totality. . . . Reality belongs to the nonchanging eternity, absolute eternity, absolute. ‘This whole thing is very real. The other day, I talked some about this—the Absolute Number. Today, reference was made to the number. The Absolute Number is that which guides the equations of Brahman Consciousness—how life is lived in relativity, even though saturated with absolute value.

‘The absolute value means the togetherness of silence and dynamism together. Together dynamism and silence are unity, but some frail fluctuations of the relativity. There is a word in the Vedic Literature, “Jivan Mukti”. “Mukti” means freedom. “Jivan” means living life. Living life is always in the relative, but living life in perfect freedom, how is it possible? It is possible because you live on the level of one-fourth, and you continue to live on the level of three-fourths. So three-fourths eternity, one-fourth fluctuations, like that.

‘It is a very beautiful thing. It is a very beautiful thing with our international universities everywhere, and these fundamental levels of mathematics and equations. We are going to introduce the Absolute Number, and the Absolute Number in the equation, the theory of numbers, and then the theory of language, the theory of the alphabet—vowels and consonants. The absolute of the numbering system is zero.

‘The absolute of language is “A”, total “A”, sound of Totality. Everything is within this sound of Totality, “A”. What are those things within “A”? This is the Vedic language, alphabet. “A” has within it “I”, “U”, “R”, “Ri”, “E”, “Ai”, “O”, “Au”, “Am”, “Aha”. There are seven syllables that are within “A”. The total is “A”.

‘The example is when we hear the sound of a market from a kilometer, it is just one “A”, hum. As we go nearer and nearer, within that sound, other sounds begin to be heard. And when you go in the market, you are able to hear many sounds that were making that one total sound.

‘ “A” is a sound of all the possible sounds. All the basic possible sounds have been summed up in terms of eight sounds. The eight sounds come up from one silent sound, Para. Just now, Dr Hagelin counted Para and Apara and all those. Para is the transcendental field of consciousness, one holistic Totality, the Unified Field. This Unified Field and the word “quantum” were explained by Dr Hagelin so beautifully, so clearly.

‘Now this quantum thing, in the field of consciousness, is a frictionless flow. One thing is that you move forward; the other thing is that you move backward. But in this field of the transcendent, it is not a move in any one direction or two directions or one opposite direction—no. It is all directions at a time. It is a frictionless flow. You go this way and you go that way also, back and forth, back and forth.

‘The mind is the instrument for that. It is capable of settling down to itself. This settling down to itself will be at the source of thought. Whatever fluctuation is created by the mind on its own level spreads throughout creation. It is a frictionless flow. It is a slippery ground of total Natural Law, a frictionless flow, completely frictionless flow in all directions simultaneously.

‘Quite a lot will be possible in the field of this technology, in the relative field. But the totality of it is possible on the level of consciousness, whose technology is the physical brain physiology. The physical brain physiology, properly trained, could be that mechanics which the modern chips are trying to copy. The human brain physiology is that mechanics.

‘Just the discovery of Raja Raamji has indicated that physiology is the expression of consciousness. And consciousness is noted in terms of the fluctuations of the Vedic Sound. The specialty in the Vedic Sound is that it is the sound, and it is also the sounder, and it also the process of sounding. All the three are one—knower, knowing, and known—doer, doing, and done, all the three together. That is why, on its own, in its complete freedom, in its complete independence, it is the field of all possibilities. It is from there the expression comes, “I am the lord of all I survey.” That is going to be the human dignity on Earth, with the blessings of Guru Dev.

‘We are announcing a very, very effective program where the achievements will be a matter of much shorter time. Centuries have gone and in every generation, the wise have been searching for it, searching for it, searching for it. But now, with the blessings of our Master and the spiritual Vedic Tradition of Masters, we are blessed. We are offering ourselves and all our achievements and all our understandings and all our knowledge and all our future programs to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.’