MMY on Meaning of Devata

Global Press Conference -- 9 July 2003

MAHARISHI -- ... Devata has been very wrongly, very, very, very wrongly interpreted as "God". But foreign interpreters of Veda have called it "God". And they have created such great confusion -- one God or many gods. The whole gossip went into all ignorant arguments and all that. Devata -- we call it "creative intelligence". And thousands of qualities of creative intelligence in the field of dynamism and thousands of qualities of creative intelligence in the field silence. Thousand names of Shiva and thousand names of Vishnu and thousand names of different Devatas. Devatas, Devatas, Devatas. It is wrong to interpret Devata in terms of God. But it doesn`t matter whatever we call it. Its content is diversity within the unity of silence. Diversity within the unity of dynamism. Unity of dynamism and unity of silence, both are just one thing: unity.

It is a beautiful, comprehensive picture. So practical to be owned by every awareness. And this is what we are informing the world. And the fortunate people will take it for their own real blossoming of their cosmic potential. And that will help the world.