Embodiments of Love - with great Love, with deep gratitude greetings in the abundance of Divine consciousness.


Abundance is a Divine quality, an attribute of God, a Divine power that sustains all creation. This abundance resides within each of us. From the vast bright universes of celestial creation to the tiniest atomic particles is the abundant flow of God's creation. Wherever our sight goes is abundance. Fullness in Divinity. The abundance of the Creator is manifest in the abundance of the Creation. It is Truth that every human being has access to this Abundance. It is the birthright of every human being to experience this Divine abundance, both as the wholeness of inner unity and it's outer counterpart. Experiencing the abundance of inner fullness is the highest of all.

Life itself is abundance; life is miracle. Yet, most see or think of abundance as material prosperity. Well, wealth of knowledge, wisdom, peace, love, harmony is also abundance. When we experience the Divine attributes within, don't we become more full? When we become more and more full; when we are immersed in the Supreme Light, isn't that Abundance?

The fact that one experiences a Divine life is Abundance.

Treasures of wealth are within us. Being aware of the Grace; living in the delight of the Supreme; being free from dualities; breathing in total Divine consciousness -- we are then truly rich in Love; we are living in the fullness of Divine Consciousness.

This is Abundance

As soon as the spiritual abundance is experienced, material abundance begins to manifest itself, it begins to emerge and the glory of unlimited abundance is reflected. The shakti of abundance will attract abundance.

In the Indian culture, each attribute of God is personified.

This Godly Principal, Abundance, is personified by
Maha Lakshmi The Goddess of Prosperity

Maha Lakshmi is radiant, standing on a delicate lotus -- the symbol of purity. She embodies the sublime power of all capacities, all the qualities which make life so full, so rich. The whole universe is Her form, Her shakti, Her power and Grace, which are infinite. When we know, through the Grace of the Guru, how to honor this Divine Principal in us, our whole being expands. Maha Lakshmi dwells in our hearts and as soon as we invoke Her Grace with sincerity, we receive.

Maha Lakshmi has four arms: one carries a flower -- symbol of spiritual flourishment, purity of heart and beauty; in one hand is a book -- symbol of knowledge, wisdom, fearlessness,; in another hand are thousands of golden coins continuously offered to the world and in the fourth hand is a golden disc to transmute all darkness. The disc symbolizes the power of victory and devotion.

When one worships Maha Lakshmi, She offers us all her attributes -- wealth in all forms, health, material success, Grace, Divine beauty, Divine Love, a prosperous life, freedom, liberation -- moksha. This is Maha Lakshmi's Grace. The power of Maha Lakshmi is in all of us whenever we invoke her with a pure heart, She manifests Herself in us. We are to honor this shakti, this Supreme power, within us. This abundance is everywhere -- in stars, in nature, in food, in bodies, in our children. When we realize abundance is everywhere, our attitudes are immediately uplifted. Treating this abundance with reverence is our role. As soon as we honor the abundance of Maha Lakshmi , we attract the shakti. We are not to confuse abundance with glamour, this kind of ego feeding possession and appearance that binds us. In Sanskrit, this is referred to as "alakshmi." All of our thoughts and deeds are to be in accordance with the dharmic principle of righteousness.

Abundance can be experienced in many different ways -- as a better quality of life, as an improvement in our worldly service, as an expansion of our subtle talents and skills. More significantly, we can access the abundance of Love, of Shakti; the abundance of new beginnings just as drops of water in the Ganga. Abundance is always here for each of us. Yes, the Divine force of creation is our birthright; just allow the Grace of the Divine Mother to shower, to bestow her benevolent rays upon all.

Abundance is a Divine offering; follow your heart and soul -- choose it now.