From Jack who used to organize for Charlie Lutes. Subject: Some Insights on Maharishi I first met Maharishi in Poland Springs, Maine on a month long course. He came out of the top of my head onto a platform where he sat & lectured. There's no other way to say it, a most amazing experience. When I learned TM about a year before I saw angels in the room where I was given my mantra & when I meditated. Nice. So you see I was convinced & Charlie Lutes was his assistance etc....& I would work with Charlie who Maharishi had put into Unity Consciousness with just two years of meditating & thru his Grace. Charlie told me I was slated to die as 2 policeman I worked with were killed shortly after I left the NYPD. I started writing a book 'A Policeman follows Maharishi.' never got around to finishing it, maybe a movie will be a more appropriate medium. TM is a technique that takes you to the Absolute. The mantra (word) is alive. I met a girl who talked to her mantra, he looked about 18 she said and she glowed and was very natural & unassuming about it. The word was made flesh & dwelt among us, he that keepeth my word should know eternal life. When I meditated 2 or 3 hours at a time on my own I met some amazing beings & had some interesting experiences. It opened all of creation & more to me. I remember looking into Maharishi's eyes one day, they made the sky seem small & closed in. His vastness was & is Cosmic.  My daughter is a clairvoyant, the 1stime she saw Maharishi she said his mind is Bigger then the solar system.  Susan started meditating at 4 yrs old, by her teens she was having visions, past, present, future, each & everyone came true & my heart would open when she told me of our past lives together. Maharishi came to me in a vision one night & activated a subtle body, so much light came out of my hands etc, they hurt for 2 days. Even if Maharishi is not your teacher you may want to read this & bathe in his Light.  I've seen Maharishi like Gandal blocking the dark in innumerable places & ways. Our Yoda is gone but always with us, his mission accomplished as the New Age Emerges in a much gentler magical way.

Jai Guru Deva Maharishi Jai Guru Deva

A Heart Melting in the Glow of Grace

From Holland & Beyond Below.....